Early childhood education

Briefing paper
22 December 2016

This publication summarises Wave 1 findings from the Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study relating to the childcare and early learning experiences of children in out-of-home care.

9 November 2016

The children’s education and care sector in Australia continues to show growth and quality improvement under the National Quality Framework (NQF), according to new data released by the Australian...

31 October 2016

Evidence shows that two years of preschool has more impact than one, especially for the children most likely to be developmentally vulnerable. It is time for Australia to pursue a national...

15 October 2016

As the nature of work has changed, so too must the education curriculum. Skills and technical knowledge that were once a necessity for the work environment have now become redundant, and have been...

Annual Report
13 October 2016

The department is responsible for delivering and regulating statewide learning and development services to at least one third of all Victorians every year across the early childhood, school...

21 September 2016

This report brings together the available evidence on early childhood intervention and scrutinises state and federal government programs from the past two decades that focus on improving children’...

30 June 2016

Provides forecasts of the supply and demand for teachers in Victoria from 2014 to 2020. The teaching workforce includes all teachers from K to 12.

16 June 2016

Addressing one of the primary objectives of the National Quality Framework – to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of children attending education and care services, this paper examines...

15 June 2016

This research project aims to explore how a story-time radio show might add value to the United We Read early-intervention book program. It investigates if such a radio show can further engage...