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18 Dec 2018


Objectives: The aim of this research was to explore health professional's perspectives on the provision of follow-up cancer care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients in Queensland.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with Indigenous and non-Indigenous health professionals...


Strengths, opportunities, constraints and barriers to the commercialisation of evidence based digital health technologies in Australia
10 Dec 2018

This report argues that leveraging new technologies will be instrumental in improving healthcare access and affordability for taxpayers.


6 Dec 2018

Elective surgery waiting times 2017–18: Australian hospital statistics focuses on information about public hospital elective surgery waiting lists between. It presents information on overall activity, what elective surgery was provided and how long people waited for elective surgery.


A white paper
26 Nov 2018

This white paper is the Consumers Health Forum of Australia’s philosophy and aspirations for the future role of consumers shaping health. Over twenty consumers, researchers, clinicians and leaders at the forefront of health policy in Australia have contributed to the paper.


24 Oct 2018

This report paints the clearest picture yet of the true burden of lung cancer in Australia, now and over the next decade. It hones in on the confronting challenges facing those living with lung cancer and outlines solutions to improve outcomes that are currently far...


23 Oct 2018

In 2015–16, there were an estimated 18,746 new hip fractures in Australia, a crude rate of 199 hip fractures per 100,000 population aged 45 and over. This represents a decline in the rate of hip fractures over time, suggesting that measures to reduce risk factors...

Discussion paper

4 Oct 2018

This exploration of potentially preventable hospitalisations focuses on conditions that may be prevented or managed best by general practice to minimise likelihood of admission. The proposed specification was developed in conjunction with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, with a view to use as...


4 Oct 2018

Described as a “whole of practice transformation”, the Health Care Home model involves health professionals working together in new ways, and using tools such as an online patient portal and GP telephone triage, to tailor services to patients’ needs.


2 Oct 2018

This survey report found that consumers want support in finding accurate, effective smartphone apps for health and wellness, and they should be subject to an authoritative regulatory system that rates them for efficacy.

Journal article

27 Sep 2018

This article summarises a new framework to improve the success of technology projects: the nonadoption, abandonment, scaleup, spread and sustainability (NASSS) framework.


29 Jul 2018

Primary care policy in Australia is under-done. Neither the Commonwealth nor the states have taken the lead. This report shows new policies are needed.


23 Jul 2018

These guidelines provide clinical guidance and policy direction for opioid treatment in New South Wales. They align with national directions and recommendations, and incorporate the latest clinical evidence.


24 May 2018

In 2016–17, there were more than 11 million admissions to hospital—6.6 million in public hospitals and 4.4 million in private hospitals. In public hospitals, a large proportion of admissions (43%) were considered emergencies, while in private hospitals admissions were more likely to be elective or...


23 May 2018

The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of life of patients with an active, progressive disease that has little or no prospect of a cure. With the growth and ageing of Australia's population, and an increase of chronic and generally incurable illnesses,...


Australia's reduced health care support for refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea
17 May 2018

This paper provides an update on the health situation for refugees and asylum seekers sent to Papua New Guinea by the Australian government.


2 May 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) could transform healthcare, with potentially huge benefits. However, it also runs the risk of creating an inhuman system.

Journal article

27 Apr 2018

This paper compares and contrasts the concept of innovation platforms with other types of networks that can be used in efforts to strengthen primary healthcare systems, such as communities of practice, practice-based research networks and quality improvement collaboratives.


28 Mar 2018

This inquiry has found that a vast majority of women have experienced adverse events following surgery to implant surgical mesh and the majority of these have struggled to find assistance and support.


9 Mar 2018

This inquiry considered key issues relating to diagnostic imaging services, including geographic disparities, Commonwealth subsidies, the costs for non-subsidised services, and how governments can improve accessibility to these essential services.

Journal article

1 Mar 2018

This study aimed to explore Indigenous narrative accounts of healthcare access within qualitative research papers, to better understand Indigenous views on culturally safe healthcare and health communication represented in that literature.



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