Medical policy

8 March 2017

The latest Australian Child Health Poll has revealed a worrying pattern of practice in Australian health care, where some unvaccinated children are being refused care by health care providers.

Audio program
21 February 2017

Victoria's first legal crop of cannabis has just been harvested for medicinal use.

15 February 2017

This report provides an overview of dementia in Australia, including increases in the prevalence and incidence of dementia over the next forty years.

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5 January 2017

Opt-out laws mean once a person dies, it's presumed they consent to donate their organs unless they've specifically signed up to an opt-out register.

Annual report
10 November 2016

This report provides a nationwide snapshot and highlights a multi profession approach to risk-based regulation, with a clear focus on ensuring that Australians have a safe and competent health...

20 September 2016

An overwhelming majority of Australians support a Royal Commission into the finance sector. Ian McAuley explains why.

22 July 2016

In this new term, the government must do more to deliver the health-care system we need for the 21st century – not just to improve its standing with voters, but to meet the health needs of all...

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6 July 2016

Report on the Australian Medical Association's calls to 'unfreeze' Medicare rebates for health practitioners.

Journal article
27 June 2016

Investigating the extent of objective ‘non-beneficial treatments’ anytime in the last six months of life in routine hospital care.

20 May 2016

Helen Dickinson writes about what the ALP's promise to lift the Medicare rebate freeze actually means for average Australians.