Financial security

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Research report

23 Aug 2017

This report proposes a new scheme, ‘Social Emergency Lending,’ to help Australian households under financial stress borrow money at very low interest rates.


2 Aug 2017

During 2016, the Australian Payments Network commissioned significant research on online card fraud to better target preventative measures. This research focused on the impact of CNP fraud on consumers, learnings from other countries on CNP fraud prevention, and how the online payments landscape, CNP fraud...


12 Jul 2017

Australia’s first risk assessment of the securities and derivatives sector has revealed how serious and organised criminals can, and have, exploited our financial system to engage in criminal activity.

Audio program

28 Mar 2017

Australians are increasingly moving away from paying cash when they go shopping or eat out. But security experts are warning that the convenience of a cashless society comes with some serious privacy concerns.

The more people use their cards the more their activity can...

Research report

5 Feb 2017

Provides in-depth insights into the financial psychology of Australians based on a survey of 1,500 households.

Key findings:

Low comfort with income : Australian households’ ‘comfort with income’ remains at its lowest level since the Household Financial Comfort Report began in 2011...

Research report

24 Aug 2016

The report Financial Resilience in Australia 2015 highlights the concept of resilience as a process that ‘enables individuals to bounce back after adverse events and experiences, adapt to changing circumstances, and deal with environmental stress.’ The report defines financial resilience as:

‘the ability...


6 May 2016

The purpose of this paper is to outline the proposed arrangements for the AUSTRAC Industry Contribution for the 2016–17 financial year. As part of the May 2014 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced that the AUSTRAC Supervisory Levy would be replaced with the AUSTRAC Industry...

Journal article

27 Aug 2015

Sections 433 and 561 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) preserve the circulating assets of a company or their proceeds for the benefit of priority creditors including employee creditors. A number of recent decisions have contemplated or recognised a right of equitable subrogation available to...

Research report

1 May 2015

Overview: This Wesley report sheds new light on the impact financial stress is having on individuals and families in New South Wales. While Australia has benefited from a strong economy since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), it seems the afterglow of the resources boom...



8 Apr 2015

Payday lending is booming in Australia. The industry has around one million customers and over 1,100 loan providers. ASIC estimates the number of loans more than doubled between 2008 and 2014. But when a small loan of A$1,000 can come at an annualised cost of...


21 Nov 2013

Background: Some social protection interventions are promoted as policy tools for addressing the social determinants of health to improve individual and population health and health equity. However, there is considerable controversy over whether publicly funded financial credits have a positive, a negative or no effect...

9 Oct 2012

In 1990 a research team began tracking a group of babies born in two inner suburbs of Melbourne. Their latest results paint a complex picture, writes Melissa Sweet for APO and Inside Story

JENNIFER sits poised on the edge of a...

Research report

21 Sep 2007

This report makes 48 recommendations with a particular focus on fraud, financial abuse, substitute decision making, and family agreements.

Key recommendations of the report include:

• National industry-wide protocols for banks and financial institutions to report alleged financial abuse;

• Uniform legislation...