Remote communities


30 Nov 2017

Few issues attract greater local interest or rouse community sentiment more in regional Western Australia than the cost of air travel.

In the regions, air travel is not a luxury – it is an essential service, akin to buses or trains in the metropolitan...

Draft report

6 Oct 2017

The Treasurer has asked the Queensland Productivity Commission (the Commission) to undertake an inquiry into service delivery in Queensland's remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This draft report has been released to provide an opportunity for consultation...

Audio program

27 Sep 2017

An expert conducting a review of regional education for the federal government thinks Australia has become too obsessed with sending country students to university.

Flinders University Professor, John Halsey, says tertiary education should remain a viable pathway for country students, but argues regional Australia...

Research report

18 Sep 2017

In 2017, Royal Far West commissioned the Centre for Community Child Health to undertake a review of the health and development and wellbeing of children in rural and remote Australia.

The report;

profiled the population characteristics of children in rural and remote Australia...


14 Sep 2017

This summary report presents the key findings from a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social...

Research report

14 Sep 2017

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social isolation shapes...

Journal article

14 Sep 2017

Objectives To describe trends in ages and causes of death in a remote-living Australian Aboriginal group over a recent 50-year period.

Design A retrospective observational study, from 1960 to 2010, of deaths and people starting dialysis, using data from local clinic, parish,...

Working paper

21 Aug 2017

One of the major changes in Indigenous policy over the past decade and a half is the systematic reporting by government of socioeconomic and other outcomes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. Much, although not all, of this reporting makes comparisons with the...

Journal article

15 Aug 2017

Background : The geographical maldistribution of the health workforce is a persisting global issue linked to inequitable access to health services and poorer health outcomes for rural and remote populations. In the Northern Territory (NT), anecdotal reports suggest that the primary care workforce in...

Research report

14 Aug 2017

Objective: Despite self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) being highly recommended it appears that many Aboriginal patients do not conduct SMBG. This study investigated factors affecting SMBG in rural and remote Aboriginal patients.

Methods: Two focus groups sessions were conducted with nine diabetic...

Journal article

1 Aug 2017



Indigenous communities in Queensland (Australia) have been subject to Alcohol Management Plans since 2002/03, with significant penalties for breaching restrictions. ‘Sly grog’ and ‘homebrew’ provide access to alcohol despite restrictions. This paper describes how this alcohol is made available...

Briefing paper

31 Jul 2017

This paper examines the Yiriman Project in the West Kimberley. The primary goal of the project is to support young Aboriginal people from remote communities connected culturally and linguistically within Nyikina, Managala, Walmajarri and Karajarri traditional lands and language groups. This paper provides an analysis...

Discussion paper

31 Jul 2017

In remote Australian Indigenous communities, the ‘familiar story’ of poor water, sanitation and hygiene-related health challenges continues – despite documentation of this situation during the past thirty years.

The representatives interviewed in this scan strongly recommended to stop perpetuating this story:


Fact sheet

28 Jul 2017

This fact sheet provides information about the remoteness area and socioeconomic status of young people under supervision during 2015–16, based on their last known address. Young people from Remote areas were 6 times as likely to be under supervision as those from Major cities, while...

Discussion paper

19 Jul 2017

The discussion paper highlights key educational challenges and issues that impact on the learning outcomes of regional, rural and remote students. It aims to create a springboard for fresh ideas to improve outcomes for these students.

Independent reviewer Emeritus Professor John Halsey has prepared...


7 Jul 2017

Indigenous women’s social enterprise, Marnin Studio and SVA describe what it takes from both ‘venture’ and ‘funder’ to create a collaborative philanthropic partnership – one that is driving mutual objectives and generating shared learnings for both partners.

Marnin Studio, an Indigenous arts and therapeutic...

Research report

15 Jun 2017

Research Summary

This study investigated the interconnections between housing, community infrastructure and quality of life for Indigenous people living with disability. It incorporated three case studies from Yalata and Point Pearce in South Australia and Greater Geelong in Victoria that revealed poor health...

Research report

29 May 2017

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in very remote parts of Australia are increasingly participating in vocational education and training (VET); however, completion rates remain low and employment outcomes are not improving. This project identifies how retention and completion can be improved and what other indicators...


29 May 2017

This good practice guide is based on the research project Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners by John Guenther et al. on behalf of Ninti One Limited. The project examines five unique and successful vocational education and training (VET) programs...

Audio program

20 May 2017

The art of remote Australia is often the wallpaper in the background when corporate giants do their pieces to camera in TV news bulletins or live crosses.

Even politicians don't mind being filmed against those vibrant, shimmering canvases with their waterholes, dreaming tracks and...