Political parties

8 March 2017

This paper examines Senator Hanson's One Nation party's economic policies with reference to the "Easytax" plan of 1998 and its apparent 2017 reincarnation.

17 February 2017

This resource is a summary of the outcome of the ACT election, held in October 2016.

Audio interview
8 February 2017

Cory Bernardi's decision to quit the Liberals to start a new conservative party has dominated the start of federal parliament.

1 February 2017

The 2015–16 annual financial disclosure returns from political parties, associated entities, donors and third parties who incur political expenditure are now available for public inspection.

29 January 2017

In the context of One Nation’s presence in the Australian Senate, indications of increased voter support for the party and wider populist trends in the United States and Europe, Australians need...

20 January 2017

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission announced this week that Catch the Fire Ministries has lost it charitable status.

28 December 2016

Electorally speaking, Cory Bernardi is on the wrong Coalition faultline, writes Peter Brent.

15 December 2016

Revisits Queensland's political history, arguing that the state has a long-standing tradition of accommodating ultra-conservative views within the political process.

7 December 2016

Declared donations and payments to Australian political parties are about to top $1 billion, a new analysis of data shows.

27 October 2016

This paper provides a narrative history of the major political parties’ attitudes to conscription during the First World War.