Public housing

Research report
28 March 2017

This study investigated what was required to create successful non-profit housing providers through public housing transfers in the UK and the roles that policies played in the process. The review...

21 March 2017

A promising federal government homelessness strategy dissipated for lack of funding and political will, writes Lesley Russell.

16 March 2017

This cost benefit analysis found that it is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them 'sleeping rough.'

3 March 2017

Homes for Victorians is the Victorian government’s response to the housing affordability crisis in Victoria.

30 January 2017

This factsheet outlines the concept of a bond aggregator and how it could work in Australia.

Audio program
30 January 2017

A housing development in south London conceived in a partnership between the local council and Australian property mogul Lend Lease has so far managed to decrease the amount of affordable housing...

14 December 2016

The research investigates how well remote Indigenous housing reforms introduced since 2008 under the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing are working.

12 December 2016

Substantial differences in housing costs combined with differing levels of tenure security have a fundamental impact on the capacity of Australians dependent solely or primarily on the age pension...

7 December 2016

This report proposes a series of clear and measurable responses to the burgeoning need for affordable housing in different parts of Melbourne and across Victoria.