Public housing


14 Nov 2017

What does it mean to be Western Australian? Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people across our State. There remains a lack of diverse and affordable housing options, for low to moderate income earners and different communities and demographic groups,...


30 Oct 2017

On 10 August 2016, the Ombudsman announced an investigation into the way the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) manages and pursues maintenance debts against public housing tenants. The investigation was prompted by a complaint from a tenant advocacy service alleging that...


5 Oct 2017

In this report, the capacity and capability of our members and the sector are displayed. We showcase the capacity and diverse experience of a wide variety of staff members, from rising stars to CEOs across the country. Over the past 15 years, the Australian Community...


4 Sep 2017

Social housing is a vital service underpinning the social good of NSW. But, as widely recognised, the social housing system is beset by challenges that limit its social benefits. For example, tenant rents must be low to make social housing affordable for those who need...


Research report

10 Aug 2017

This report provides an overview of national-level, state and territory findings, as well as comparisons across public housing, state-owned and managed Indigenous housing, and community housing tenants. The report shows that the majority of tenants are satisfied with the services provided by their housing organisation,...

Blog post

20 Jul 2017

A recent Sydney Morning Herald feature on urban renewal in London shone an interesting and quite revealing spotlight on a high profile project with a major Australian connection. Crucially, though this rather uncritical account completely missed the aspect of the story with the greatest direct...


4 Jul 2017

The Victorian government’s recently released housing strategy allows for the transfer of the state’s public housing stock to the community housing sector. In a recent Conversation article, Kate Shaw raises an important question – “Why should the state wriggle out of public housing?” – and...


21 Jun 2017

Housing is important for all Victorians. Without access to affordable and secure housing, people are exposed to increased risk of homelessness, mental illness and an inability to meet living costs.

Public housing is an important means of assisting those in greatest need of affordable...


20 Jun 2017

The Victorian government’s 2017 housing policy contains a bulk transfer of public housing to housing associations. Housing Minister Martin Foley’s explanation is that “the state is a terrible housing manager”.

A similar rationale underlies the handing of public housing estates to private developers to...


19 Jun 2017

A charred housing block in the north Kensington area of west London stands as a grotesque symbol of human tragedy and public shame. Just past midnight on 14 June, a blaze sparked in a kitchen on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower swept upwards with...

Research report

15 May 2017

The effective and appropriate provision of social housing, as an integral part of the housing continuum, is increasingly difficult in light of current fiscal constraints and changing and increasing housing need. In 2016, there were around 400,000 households living in social housing in Australia, with...


4 May 2017

Dunbar Way Renewal Evaluation

In 2011, Pacific Link Housing negotiated a pioneering project with Housing NSW. Pacific Link undertook to renew the Dunbar Way estate in North Gosford in return for the management rights over all properties within Dunbar Way. This was anticipated to...

Research report

27 Apr 2017

About 400,000 Australian households live in social housing, which covers public housing, community housing, Indigenous community housing, and Indigenous housing provided by governments.

The sector has many issues, including:

• In public housing, many dwellings fail adequacy standards, and numerous tenants are dissatisfied...


21 Apr 2017

This study is a survey of residents in the newly created community of Waimahia Inlet in South Auckland, New Zealand. The overall objective of the research is to determine if quality of life has improved (or not) since moving into Waimahia. It is an area...

Research report

12 Apr 2017


The 2016 National Social Housing Survey (NSHS) is the most recent in a series of surveys of social housing tenants. The 2016 NSHS sampled tenants in public housing, community housing and state owned and managed Indigenous housing (SOMIH) between April and June...

Research report

28 Mar 2017

This study investigated the creation of successful non-profit housing providers through public housing transfers in the UK, for both the housing providers and government policies.

The study established that different capacities need to be developed at different stages, including during the policy design process,...



21 Mar 2017

AUSTRALIA’s shocking homelessness statistics – one in every 200 people homeless at any one time, and a staggering one in eight without a home at some point in their lives – are a reminder that the homeless are not just the people we see on...

Research report

16 Mar 2017

Executive Summary

It’s cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them sleeping rough, a new cost-benefit analysis has found.

The analysis found governments and society benefit more than they spend by providing last resort housing to homeless...


16 Mar 2017

Co-operative housing associations could go a long way towards alleviating New Zealand's housing shortfall, but there has to be a change in thinking - away from private developers. This article by Dr Morten Gjerde from Victoria University's School of Architecture looks at the nature and...

Research report

3 Mar 2017

Homes for Victorians is the Victorian Government’s response to the housing affordability crisis in Victoria.

Housing for Victorians is a record investment by the Victorian government in social and affordable housing, changing taxes and concessions, and providing certainty in planning and housing supply to...