Public transport

23 March 2017

This report looks at the ‘new economy,’ (peer-to-peer markets) - specifically, ride-sharing services, and outlines options for regulation and taxi industry compensation.

Conference paper
16 February 2017

This study identifies eight principal factors impacting on the accessibility of the bus services in Addis Ababa: infrastructure conditions, stakeholder engagement, law enforcement system, user...

Technical report
6 January 2017

This report identifies the requirements for successful value creation through transportation infrastructure investment and capturing a portion of that value through specific value capture...

9 December 2016

Growing the economy, not city planning, has become the government’s main rationale for building urban transport infrastructure, writes Brian Feeney.

7 December 2016

This audit looks at how PTV (Public Transport Victoria) manages its franchise agreements and oversees the assets it leases to franchisees, to improve the performance of the train and tram networks...

30 November 2016

Drawing on the Spatial Network Analysis of Multimodal Urban Transport Systems (SNAMUTS) accessibility tool, this paper introduces comparative results of public transport network performance...

21 November 2016

Young unemployed Australians confront serious transport challenges as they try to conduct their job search with 41% of 18 to 24 year-old jobseekers not having a driver’s licence.

Discussion paper
17 November 2016

This paper reviews some of the challenges faced by cities and opens a discussion on some solutions that may offer pathways for achieving outcomes that meet environmental, social and economic...

9 November 2016

This audit reviewed the control systems of train operators and Public Transport Victoria’s oversight of these operators.

2 November 2016

The WA Government is formulating ‘on demand’ transport reforms due to the emergence of ridesharing.