Forced migration


6 Jul 2017

With the purported aim of saving lives at sea by preventing dangerous crossings, European governments have provided the Libyan coastguard with training and assets and have encouraged it to intercept refugees and migrant boats trying to reach international waters.


19 Jun 2017

By the end of 2016, 65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. That was an increase of 300,000 people over the previous year, and the world’s forcibly displaced population remained at a record high.


27 Apr 2017

This Samoan study explores people’s experiences and understandings of climate change, including whether and how climate-related factors have influenced internal and international mobility patterns in the last 30 years. This interdisciplinary village and family-based study combined a Samoan worldview which acknowledges the place of traditional...


21 Mar 2017

This guide provides current statistics on immigration detainees in Australia (onshore) since 1989/90. It updates the appendices of a more detailed Parliamentary Library research paper , Immigration detention in Australia (2013). The research paper includes an overview of the historical and political context surrounding mandatory...

Journal article

10 Feb 2017

Migration continues to be pictured in public debates as a failure to adapt to changes, while policymakers explore adaptation measures as a means to reduce migration pressures, and scholars have contended that migration processes exist within a larger framework of strategies for adapting to damaging...



14 Dec 2016

With around 470 staff, the JBS Meatworks is Bordertown’s biggest employer. Almost two-thirds of its workforce are migrants. But unlike the Filipinos who come as skilled employees on temporary 457 visas, many of the newer members of the company’s labour force are asylum seekers and...


9 Dec 2016

Temporary migrants play an important role in Australia’s workforce and student population. Little is known, however, about the migration mechanisms temporary migrants use and the associated risks these may involve.

This paper examines the role of migration brokers in alleged and finalised cases of...

Briefing paper

15 Oct 2016

This briefing explores climate-induced migration and displacement, which is seen to be falling between the policy gaps. Existing international frameworks and national policies are yet to make the crucial link between climate change impact on the frequency and intensity of extreme climate events, environmental degradation...


14 Oct 2016

Towards the end of ABC TV’s special “Sovereign Borders“ edition of Q&A came an intriguing but frustrating back-and-forth about the number of migrants Australia welcomes each year.

The key protagonists were Shen Narayanasamy, GetUp!’s human rights campaign director, and retired general Jim Molan, co-author...


14 Sep 2016

The Commission has endeavoured to identify options for responding to flight by sea which are consistent with Australia’s international human rights obligations.

In publishing this paper, the Commission is seeking to make a positive contribution to this difficult policy area. We have sought to...

Audio interview

11 Aug 2016

The Turnbull Government is facing mounting calls for a Royal Commission into immigration detention on Nauru.

It follows the mass leak of more than 2,000 incident reports detailing assaults, sexual abuse and self harm attempts—more than half of which involve children.

The Immigration...



18 Jul 2016

Dealing with refugee flows requires sophisticated policies that reflect both domestic and international realities. These realities include Australia’s status as a sovereign nation that wishes to protect its borders, but also as a country operating in a highly globalised world.

That world is experiencing...

Briefing paper

24 Jun 2016

Offshore processing (referred to by the Australian Government as “regional processing”) is the term used to describe the arrangements by which Australia sends people seeking asylum who arrive by boat to either Nauru or on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where their refugee...


20 Jun 2016

Wars and persecution have driven more people from their homes than at any time since UNHCR records began, according to this new report.

The report, entitled Global Trends, noted that on average 24 people were forced to flee each minute in 2015, four times...



6 May 2016

The Turnbull government says it won’t allow refugees to be resettled in New Zealand because it’s the “back door” to Australia. Its argument rests on a series of misconceptions

Malcolm Turnbull sounded decidedly uncomfortable when Fran Kelly switched the topic to offshore detention...


21 Mar 2016

The migrant crisis has had a significant effect both on the economic and social climate of Europe. Macedonia and the rest of south-eastern Europe have been particularly affected by the situation. While Macedonia is making every effort to address the crisis in a manner consistent...



21 Mar 2016

The agreement hammered out in Brussels on Friday creates fresh uncertainty and renewed danger for refugees

It would be easy to lose count of the European Council meetings convened in recent months to devise a concerted response to the arrival of refugees in...


12 Jan 2016

The dataset presents estimates of international migrant by age, sex and origin. Estimates are presented for 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015 and are available for all countries and areas of the world. The estimates are based on official statistics on the foreign-born or...



24 Dec 2015

AUSTRALIA has left 300 refugees in limbo in Nauru and Papua New Guinea rather than allowing them to build new lives in New Zealand under a standing resettlement offer from the Key government. Yet immigration minister Peter Dutton continues to pursue resettlement options in poor...


15 Nov 2015

This document answers questions about migration, displacement, and planned relocation in the context of climate change, and suggests recommendations for COP21 in Paris.



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