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Research report

22 May 2018

Large demographic shifts are reshaping America. The country is growing in numbers, it’s becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, and the population is ageing. According to this analysis, these trends are playing out differently across community types.

Research report

19 Jan 2018

This report presents the findings from four focus group discussions conducted during Spring 2017 and serves as a first step in an ongoing investigation into the potential to innovate and nature of coworking issues facing people in outer Melbourne suburbs.


26 Oct 2017

The populations of Sydney and Melbourne are both expected to exceed 8.5 million by 2061. What will Australia’s cities look like then? Will they still be among the world’s lowest-density cities?

Research report

16 Oct 2017

A major urban greening initiative across six local councils has dramatically reshaped western Melbourne’s tree cover, making the area more liveable and cooler, this RMIT University study has found.

Journal article

25 Sep 2017

Metropolitan planning and development of Australia’s cities has been strongly influenced by what could be termed the “North American model” of low-density, car-dependent suburban development on greenfield master-planned housing estates. But this is all set to change.

Research report

23 Aug 2017

This audit assessed whether state planning is meeting the needs of the rapidly growing population for birthing, maternal and child health, funded kindergarten services, and related infrastructure, in greenfield growth areas and established suburbs.

Research report

Part 1 - The economic transition of the fast growing outer suburbs
21 Aug 2017

This report is designed to deepen the understanding of the role and function of the fast growing outer suburbs and how investment will benefit them and have a national impact.

Research report

14 Aug 2017

This report examined the impact of religious visibility on social cohesion in two case-study locations in Melbourne.


1 Aug 2017

Jason Byrne looks at the possibility that living in cities might be associated with higher rates of depression and anxiety.


14 Jul 2017

As cities continue their relentless sprawl, how do we retrofit existing suburbs to move toward a sustainable future?


3 May 2017

The concentration of disadvantaged people in certain parts of cities is almost always seen as undesirable by urban researchers and policymakers. But is this always the case?

Our research demonstrates that it isn’t. Concentrations of people who are often classified as “disadvantaged” –...



29 Dec 2016

Australia is world-famous as a swimming nation. We have a celebrated beach culture, not to mention more privately owned pools per person than any other country. Yet few urban Australians would consider swimming in their city’s river.

Almost every major Australian city...

Journal article

26 Sep 2016

Over the past decade research on urban thermal inequity has grown, with a focus on denser built environments. In this letter we examine thermal inequity associated with climate change impacts and changes to urban form in a comparatively socio-economically disadvantaged Australian suburb. Local urban densification...



31 Aug 2016

Australia was born urban and quickly became suburban. Almost as quickly, the idea of the suburb – the location of the Great Australian Dream – began to attract its enemies, here and across the Western world. At first, though, the enemies of the suburb were...

Journal article

17 Jul 2015

The green agenda for cities and the economy in general is a major focus of global institutions and is increasingly a major national and urban priority. Core issues and best practice for built environment businesses were collated from published studies and used in a survey...

Audio interview

10 Jul 2015

Planting a few extra trees around your house could add years to your life, according to new research.

An Adelaide-based professor has been involved in a major Canadian study of 250,000 people which found people who live in streets with lots of trees feel...

Journal article

3 Mar 2014

A major challenge for urban Australia and its fast growing cities in particular is the provision of an adequate supply of appropriately located, affordable and sustainable housing across a range of dwelling types. A related challenge involves attempts by the metropolitan planning agencies in the...

Working paper

18 Mar 2013

Making parallel cases for Muslim and African American collective life, this paper suggests taking the otherwise meaningless commonality of racial identity to which blacks have been ‘condemned’ and using it as a platform to incessantly provoke, experiment, reach out, argue and figure out ways to...

28 Mar 2011

“Locational disadvantage” has an enormous impact in many Australian suburbs. But an experiment in Sydney’s 2168 postcode area is yielding results, writes Melissa Sweet in Inside Story

THE sun is intense as I drive back to Miller, a suburb of some repute...

Research report

1 Jan 2011

This project is about the effect of population growth on communities and the social factors which influence how suburbs grow from small townships to larger suburbs. The project has its origins in the issues identified by Crossroads Youth and Family Services, a program of The...



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