Cultural diplomacy


6 Dec 2017

The Turnbull Government has released Australia’s latest Aged Care Diversity Framework, signalling a new, more inclusive era in aged care.

The framework’s six priority areas are:

1. Making informed choices

2. Adopting systemic approaches to planning and implementation


Research report

29 Nov 2017

This report presents the findings of the tenth Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion national survey, conducted in June‐July 2017. The report builds on the knowledge gained through the nine earlier Scanlon Foundation national surveys (2007, 2009‐2016) which provide, for the first time in Australian...


23 Nov 2017

Key points:

Migrant and refugee students are less likely to find full-time employment after graduation (45%) compared with Australian-born students (69%) due to racial discrimination, lack of understanding of the local job market and overseas skills and qualifications...


3 Oct 2017

This guide is a comprehensive resource for Muslim aged care. It covers wide-ranging topics such as, religion, culture, and identity of Muslims to provide the context and basis for planning culturally appropriate care for them.

Using text boxes, illustrations, exercise, and case studies, the...


20 Sep 2017

The huge growth in Muslims countering violent extremism (CVE) can sometimes come at the expense of other issues which our community tell us are more important. Our community, especially young people, have told us that they are feeling very over-consulted and they don’t see any...


17 Aug 2017

On 29 November 2016, the Senate resolved that the Select Committee on Strengthening Multiculturalism (committee) be established on 27 March 2017. The committee is to inquire into and report on ways of protecting and strengthening Australia's multiculturalism and social inclusion, with particular reference to:...

Research report

9 Aug 2017

This project explored neighbourhood experiences of residents in two ethnoreligiously diverse suburbs in Melbourne’s north, Fawkner and Broadmeadows. The two localities were chosen because they both have large Muslim minorities (25 and 30 per cent respectively at the time of the 2011 Census, and 32...

Briefing paper

31 Jul 2017

This paper examines the Yiriman Project in the West Kimberley. The primary goal of the project is to support young Aboriginal people from remote communities connected culturally and linguistically within Nyikina, Managala, Walmajarri and Karajarri traditional lands and language groups. This paper provides an analysis...

Journal article

19 Jul 2017

During the first quarter of the 20th Century a small group of black intellectuals, artists, and musicians abandoned the United States for Paris. The rumor was that the French did not believe in racist theories – that France offered blacks social and economic opportunities not...



4 May 2017

A visitor to this country over the past week might wonder where, or in what year, he or she has landed. It’s now nine sleeps since ANZAC Day 2017, and hundreds of articles and hours of rolling outrage have been expended on a few words...

Research report

23 Mar 2017

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs recommends that the Australian government establish an interdepartmental working group to liaise with Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) groups, so as to identify priority areas to address disadvantage, improve coordination with state governments,...

Systematic review

15 Dec 2016

This report presents the findings of a selected program review of national and international programs designed to redress exclusivism, strengthen social cohesion systematic and inclusion, and counter violent extremism. In addition, a systematic literature review of research conducted in 2011-2015 to answer two key questions:...



10 Sep 2015

This article summarises a symposium held at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra in late August 2015.

The Forums part in Australian Diplomacy examined the UN Security Council and how Australia can add more value to world peace and security The...

Research report

5 Jun 2015

The depth of Australia’s linguistic and inter-cultural competence will be a determining factor in the future success of developments in innovation, science and technology, research capacity, international mobility, trade relations and economic competitiveness. In the medium to longer term, the Asia Pacific region will be...

Working paper

1 Aug 2014

The economic and political shifts that together constitute contemporary globalisation are opening up new spaces for non-Western modes of heritage governance in the international arena. Perhaps most notable here is the so-called rise of Asia, wherein a growing number of countries are investing heavily in...

Journal article

2 Jul 2010

This paper explores practical solutions to sensitive community policing issues, drawing on an Australian case study of relations between police and Australian-Vietnamese communities. The paper summarizes initial research on the attitudes of Australian-Vietnamese community members and police to one another and to security and crime....

Research report

18 Dec 2002

Sharon Chalmers and Fiona Allon examine how staff at Sydney Children's Hospital work with the notion of cultural diversity on a daily basis. It also asks whether the hospital, with its own set of cultural constructs, including professional and institutional cultures, manages or engages with...