Assault and battery

Fact sheet
19 April 2017

Nearly 6,500 women and girls were hospitalised due to assault in Australia in 2013–14, with the violence usually perpetrated by a partner or spouse, according to new analysis from the Australian...

26 May 2016

Final report from the Victorian Parliament's Family and Community Development Committee into abuse within the disability services sector.

McNamara, Luke
Quilter, Julia

The last decade has seen a significant expansion in the net cast by Australian criminal laws. In the name of crime prevention and risk management, legislatures around Australia have introduced vari ous forms of 'extreme' criminalisation which push the criminal law beyond its...

9 September 2015

This report uses various data sources to show the incidence of night-time alcohol-related violence and other alcohol harm in the Sydney CBD in the ten years prior to the 2014 lockout intervention...

12 August 2015

Provides an analysis from the AIC’s Database of Victimisation Experiences (DoVE) of cases of common assault that are not related to domestic disputes or involving sexual assault.

2 December 2014

Describes and discusses trends in age-specific rates of offending for property crime, robbery and serious assault.

25 November 2014

There is no evidence licensed premises are systematically concealing assaults in a bid to avoid losing their liquor license or to avoid having restrictions imposed on their trading hours,...

10 December 2013

Misconceptions about male sexual assault have a substantial impact on under-reporting. This resource sheet identifies research and data that dispel four of these misconceptions.

12 November 2013

This paper examines men's role in the prevention of sexual assault. Sexual assault prevention has seen shifts from risk-avoidance messages aimed at women to a more inclusive paradigm that proposes...

18 October 2013

This report contains eight linked feasibility studies conducted in Cairns during 2010. These exploratory studies examine the complex challenges of compiling and sharing information about...