Assault and battery

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25 Sep 2017

This report details the findings from a complex investigation into allegations of sexual assault against a resident of a group home for persons with a disability run by Autism Plus.

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22 Jun 2017

New figures show that the number of female perpetrators of domestic assaults in New South Wales has been steadily increasing over the past ten years - and it's not only against partners.

Briefing paper

Issues paper no. 24
5 Jun 2017

This issues paper considers the law on consensual assault in Tasmania.

Fact sheet

19 Apr 2017

This factsheet examines cases of hospitalised assault against women in 2013–14. Rates of assault among women were highest for those aged between 15–19 and 50–54. Over half (59%) of all these women were assaulted by bodily force, and for assaults by bodily force and involving...

Research report

26 May 2016

For too long, people with disability in Victoria have endured violence in all its forms. The voices of people with disability, their families and carers have been sidelined or ignored, and widespread abuse and neglect continues. Similar to the issue of violence against women, violence...

Research report

9 Sep 2015

Summary: This report uses various data sources to show the incidence of night-time alcohol-related violence and other alcohol harm in the Sydney CBD in the ten years prior to the 2014 lockout intervention. Between 2004 and 2013 police crime statistics and triple zero (000)...

Research report

12 Aug 2015

Provides an analysis from the AIC’s Database of Victimisation Experiences (DoVE) of cases of common assault that are not related to domestic disputes or involving sexual assault.


In 2012, there were 116,105 recorded victims of physical assault in New South Wales,...

Research report

2 Dec 2014

Aim: To describe and discuss trends in age-specific rates of offending for property crime, robbery and serious assault.

Method: Descriptive statistics and graphical displays.

Results: The number of people apprehended by police for property crime and robbery has fallen sharply...

Research report

25 Nov 2014

There is no evidence licensed premises are systematically concealing assaults in a bid to avoid losing their liquor license or to avoid having restrictions imposed on their trading hours, according to this report.

Aim To determine whether there has been any change in...

Research report

10 Dec 2013

Misconceptions about male sexual assault have a substantial impact on under-reporting. This resource sheet identifies research and data that dispel four of these misconceptions.

Abstract: In recent years there has been an increase in community awareness of male sexual assault. However, there are...

Research report

12 Nov 2013

This paper examines men's role in the prevention of sexual assault. Sexual assault prevention has seen shifts from risk-avoidance messages aimed at women to a more inclusive paradigm that proposes both women and men have an important role to play in the prevention of all...

Research report

18 Oct 2013

This report contains eight linked feasibility studies conducted in Cairns during 2010. These exploratory studies examine the complex challenges of compiling and sharing information about incidents of person-to-person violence in a late night entertainment precinct (LNEP). The challenges were methodological as well as logistical and...

Research report

5 Aug 2013

Aim: To determine whether changes to legislation and regulation of licensed premises have affected the willingness of staff in both Top 100 and unranked premises to report assaults on licensed premises.

Method: A random sample of 1600 assaults over the period from...

Research report

24 Jun 2013

This report identifies failures in Victoria Police's handling of sexual assault cases, and recommends reforms.

Executive summary

The prevalence of sexual assault and its consequent harm to both individual victims and society as a whole has now been widely researched, documented and...

Fact sheet

4 May 2013

This snapshot describes the penalties imposed on adult offenders convicted of child sexual assault.

Over the two year period 2009 and 2010, 495 offenders were convicted of child sexual assault. 97 per cent of those convicted were male and 64 per cent...

Research report

18 Feb 2013

In 2005 the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) produced a report, Responding to sexual assault: The challenge of change (DPP & AFP 2005), which made 105 recommendations for reforming the way...

Research report

31 Jan 2013

This report outlines the findings and recommendations from our audit of the implementation of the NSW Interagency Plan to Tackle Child Sexual Assault in Aboriginal Communities.

The Interagency Plan was released in January 2007 and operated for five years. Approximately $60 million was earmarked...

Research report

9 Dec 2012

The aim of the current study is to assess the individual and collective impact of community interventions on indicators of alcohol-related assaults in the Geelong region.

Alcohol has consistently been demonstrated to increase levels of aggression and violence, particularly in late...

Research report

4 Dec 2012

The latest figures regarding the nature behind and extent of sexual abuse in Australia.

Statistics carry significant power and persuasion. At one level they appear to provide an instant and accessible way of grasping the nature and extent of social issues. Yet any statistic...

Briefing paper

11 Oct 2012

This summary provides an evidence-based summary of the key issues involved in program design in primary prevention initiatives.

It is targeted at those working in the policy and program development areas of sexual assault prevention.

Its purpose is to assist decision-making about what...