Same-sex marriage



15 Apr 2016

If we go ahead with the same-sex marriage and Indigenous recognition referendums, then let's hold them alongside the election. The weight of history is behind such a move, writes Peter Brent.


22 Mar 2016

Right around the world, marriage equality is becoming a reality for many LGBTI couples.

We have an exciting opportunity here – let’s work together and get marriage equality in place.

With the support of the majority of Australians, the time is right for...

Research report

8 Sep 2015

Australia has achieved a high degree of equality between the treatment of same-sex and heterosexual relationships with marriage remaining the one significant area of difference.

Executive summary

Same-sex marriage has been on the political agenda in Australia for several years, as part...


29 Jun 2015

Overview: The recent result of the Irish referendum and the decision of the United States Supreme Court in favour of same-sex marriage has given the Australian campaign for marriage equality new momentum. The most recent same-sex marriage bill was introduced in early June 2015...


1 Jun 2015

Labor leader Bill Shorten introduced a marriage equality bill to Federal Parliament this week and in his address to the House of Representatives, asked that members 'embrace a definition of marriage that respects, values and includes every Australian.'




28 May 2015

At this time in history there is much discussion about the meaning of marriage. Some suggest that it is unjustly discriminatory not to allow people with same-sex attraction to marry someone of the same sex. Others believe that marriage is an institution uniting a man...

Research report

1 Jul 2014

Many religious believers are concerned that aggressive secularism is driving religion from the public sphere where it is practised, argues this report.


The campaign for what has been dubbed ‘marriage equality’ is gaining ground in many Western countries, including Australia, despite...

30 May 2014

The goal of marriage equality should be the social and legal non-discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. But how likely is same-sex marriage to lead to social justice? The same-sex marriage debate concerns which aspects of the marital relationship have intrinsic worth and...

Fact sheet

5 May 2014

Statistics NZ is responsible for releasing marriage and civil union registration data. Data refers to marriages and civil unions that have occurred and been registered with Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Provisional civil union and marriage quarterly data will be available from Statistics NZ within five...

Journal article

21 Apr 2014

Why were the majority of MPs in the UK and New Zealand, but not Australia, willing to support law reform on marriage equality?


This article analyses MPs' voting behaviour, during free voting on landmark legislation, which sought to allow equal marriage...

Journal article

28 Feb 2013

This article argues in favour of same-sex marriage, but only under certain conditions. Same-sex marriage ought to be introduced in the Australian context in order to remedy the formal inequalities between lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) citizens and their heterosexual/cisgendered counterparts.

One common...

Research report

10 Feb 2012

This paper provides background material for the parliamentary debate that is likely to follow the introduction of Labor MP Stephen Jones' private Bill supporting same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage has been on the political agenda in Australia for several years, as part of the broader...

Research report

30 Apr 2010

Not So Private Lives is the first national study to examine same-sex attracted Australians’ preferences for various forms of relationship recognition since the introduction of de facto status for same-sex couples at a federal level. It is also the first major study to investigate...

Research report

21 Jun 2007

Changing the definitions describing de facto relationships in relevant federal laws could help end daily discrimination suffered by more than 20,000 same-sex couples in Australia, according to this HREOC report. The Same-Sex: Same Entitlements Inquiry spent more than three months travelling around Australia holding public...




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