Aboriginal Australians--Government relations

Book review
16 December 2016

Serious Whitefella Stuff by Mark Moran confronts the conundrum and inevitable complexity of Indigenous policy and shines a very practical light on the mixed results in policy delivery and...

Working paper
7 November 2016

The objective of this paper is to review the body of evaluations of, and related research into income management, to identify the extent of consistency acrossthese studies and, where there may be...

Audio interview
21 September 2016

Interview with Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Nigel Scullion, todiscuss his moves to repair his relationship with the National Congress of First Peoples.

2 September 2016

The Turnbull Government has substantial work to do to repair relations with Indigenous Australians, writes Diane Perche.

23 August 2016

This research report maps the number of government and non-government Indigenous programs and potential level of duplication among different program providers, as well as providing estimates on...

1 August 2016

One policy brings both sides of politics together in furious agreement. Both of them want to close the Indigenous gap, and both want symbolic recognition of Indigenous people in the constitution...

31 July 2016

The roadmap contains 10 priority actions that the Western Australian Government is taking in partnership with Aboriginal people and others to strengthen families, improve living conditions,...

8 July 2016

This second RAP, which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, outlines what the four parliamentary departments will do to be more actively involved in the journey of reconciliation between...

Audio interviewAudio program
1 July 2016

Report on the progress of the outback Community Development Program for Indigenous Australians.

15 June 2016

Bill Shorten has performed remarkably well on the campaign trail, but his overreach on an Indigenous treaty is a sign he isn't yet a statesman who can achieve major social reform by bringing a...