Aboriginal Australians--Government relations

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Working paper

15 Feb 2018

The Closing the Gap targets feature heavily in the current policy measurement framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians at both the national and state/territory levels. The aim of this paper is to provide helpful information to consider when assessing alternative frameworks for measuring...


12 Feb 2018

In this 10th Closing the Gap report, the Australian government commits to staying the course with Aboriginal Australians, and working to help deliver a prosperous future. The latest data indicates that three of the seven Closing the Gap targets are on track to be met....


8 Feb 2018

Ten-years after its commencement, it is time to critically reflect on why Australian governments have not yet succeeded in closing the health gap to date, and why they will not succeed by 2030 if the current course continues.


14 Dec 2017

This report recommends that the Australian government immediately replace the current CDP compliance and penalty regime with obligations that are no more onerous than those of other income support recipients.

Audio program

7 Dec 2017

The Senate majority report on the cashless welfare card is "disappointing" as it does not reflect submissions, says researcher Elise Klein.

Working paper

4 Dec 2017

This paper focuses on the Cashless Debit Card trial in the East Kimberley, Western Australia. The card aims to restrict cash and purchases to curb alcohol consumption, illegal drug use and gambling.

Audio interview

26 Oct 2017

Cape York leader, Noel Pearson, says Malcolm Turnbull has broken the hearts of Indigenous Australians by rejecting the Uluru Statement.


11 Oct 2017

The Gunaikurnai people are the traditional owners of a large area of Gippsland, in Eastern Victoria.

In 2010 the State of Victoria legally recognised the Gunaikurnai peoples’ traditional ownership of and connection to the land and waters of this region through a Recognition and...

Working paper

10 Aug 2017

This paper argues that Indigenous economic wellbeing can be partly improved by addressing broader macroeconomic factors.


21 Jul 2017

This design issues report has been produced for the Referendum Council to identify the broad parameters of a First Nations Voice that may be enshrined in the Australian Constitution in a Referendum of the Australian people.


17 Jul 2017

The consensus view of the Referendum Council is that the recommendations in this report for constitutional and extra-constitutional recognition are modest, reasonable, unifying and capable of attracting the necessary support of the Australian people.


19 Jun 2017

This guide provides an overview of the recent ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart.’

Research report

4 Jun 2017

This report argues that adopting a co-accountability approach to evaluation will ensure that both the government agency funding the program and the program provider delivering the program are held accountable for results.

Research report

23 May 2017

Australia’s ageing Stolen Generations are still struggling with the impacts of unresolved trauma, and need a new policy approach to assist them and their families to heal.



4 May 2017

The federal government’s Cashless Debit Card Trial , which began in selected communities in South Australia and Western Australia from March 2016, is a significant innovation in tackling the health and socioeconomic disadvantages in communities with high rates of social security dependency for long periods...

Research report

30 Apr 2017

On 21st–22nd November 2016, the ACFID Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community of Practice hosted a forum in Canberra entitled Stories of Change through Effective Development Practice. The ninety participants included community representatives, development practitioners, academics and government representatives.

The forum explored successful community-led...

Audio interview

14 Feb 2017

Later today, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will deliver the ninth Closing the Gap address to Parliament in which he'll argue his government is turning the tide on Indigenous disadvantage.

He'll draw on the latest Closing the Gap report which is expected to show...

Research report

14 Feb 2017

This ninth Closing the Gap report showcases real successes being achieved at a local level across the country—by individuals, communities, organisations and government.

However, at a national level, progress needs to accelerate. Over the long term there are improvements across a number of the...



3 Feb 2017

In September 2013, responsibility for the majority of Indigenous-specific policy and programs, as well as some mainstream programs that predominantly service Indigenous Australians, was transferred into the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (the department). These substantial changes saw 27 programs consisting of 150...

Book review

11 Dec 2016

It has become a truism in national public policy discourse that Indigenous affairs are a classic ‘wicked’ problem. The issues and interests in scope are without question all-encompassing and include every level of the Australian federation, social/economic/environmental policy, debates about rights, responsibilities and welfare conditionality,...