Detention of persons

Research report

20 Apr 2018

The Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program is the nation’s largest and longest-running ongoing survey of police detainees across the country. This report describse the DUMA data collected between January 2015 and December 2016 at Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.


12 Nov 2017

The Howard Government’s resolution of a crisis on Nauru in 2005 points the way forward for dealing with the people currently held on Manus Island, writes Michael Gordon.

Research report

6 Feb 2017


The riots at the Parkville Youth Justice Centre in November 2016 and the Government’s subsequent establishment of a youth justice centre within Barwon Prison have prompted reviews, inquiries, and legal proceedings, by numerous agencies. These include the responsible department, the Commission for...

Research report

12 Jan 2017


The nexus between drug use and crime is well established. Offenders are considerably more likely to use illicit drugs than the general population, and a large proportion of offenders attribute their criminal offending to drug use, yet very little is known about...

Research report

13 Dec 2016


This bulletin examines the numbers and rates of young people aged 10 and over who were in youth detention in Australia due to their involvement, or alleged involvement, in crime. It focuses on trends over the 4-year period from the June quarter...

Research report

4 Nov 2016

This report recommends that the Criminal Code Amendment (High Risk Terrorist Offenders) Bill 2016 be passed, but with several amendments. The bill will allow for continuing detention orders (CDO's) to keep convicted terrorists detained once their sentences have been served, if they are deemed to...

Research report

1 Sep 2016

Audit objective and criteria

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s administration of health services in onshore immigration detention. To form a conclusion against this objective, the ANAO adopted the following high-level...

Research report

27 Apr 2016


This bulletin examines the numbers and rates of young people who were under youth justice supervision in Australia during 2014-15 because of their involvement or alleged involvement in crime. It explores key aspects of their supervision, both in the community and in...

Research report

16 Dec 2015


Since the beginning of Syria’s uprising in 2011, many have died in detention facilities run by the Syrian government’s notorious mukhabarat (security agencies). In 2012, Human Rights Watch identified and mapped 27 of these detention centers around the country, many in the...


27 Oct 2015

Labour corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis says New Zealand has a moral duty toward its citizens being held in Australian detention centres. Speaking to Paul Henry, Mr Davis said until things improve, the New Zealand Government should refuse to back Australia's bid to get on the...


19 Oct 2015

Weekend talks between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his New Zealand counterpart John Key have failed to quell Kiwi anger over the deportation of New Zealand criminals.

More than 1,000 New Zealand citizens face being kicked out of Australia—some of whom have lived here...



8 Oct 2015

As Australia marks Mental Health Week we should stop to remember that it is not only wealthy Australians who are worthy of effective treatment and a lifestyle that is conducive to being mentally healthy. There are too many people whose circumstances foster mental illness, who...

Research report

23 Aug 2015

New data shows the continuing national rise in methamphetamine use among Australian police detainees.


Delivered by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program supports the National Drug Strategy through its timely provision of data...

Research report

30 Mar 2015

Rights & Responsibilities 2014 was a national consultation conducted by the Human Rights Commissioner between August and December 2014. The consultation examined how well people think their human rights and freedoms are protected in Australia.

Altogether the Human Rights Commissioner consulted with over...

Research report

20 Mar 2015

Submitted to the government in early February 2015, this independent review by former integrity commissioner Philip Moss was released to the public on 20 March 2015. The review was commissioned in October 2014 to investigate allegations of sexual and physical assault on asylum seekers and...

Research report

9 Mar 2015

In the present report, the Special Rapporteur focuses on children deprived of their liberty from the perspective of the prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

In the report, the Special Rapporteur explores the international legal framework and standards...

Research report

2 Mar 2015

Presents information on asylum claims, unauthorised arrivals and irregular migration in Australia and Europe, to help address some of the popular misconceptions that surround asylum issues.


The magnitude and complexity of the issues arising from the flow of asylum seekers and...

Research report

3 Feb 2015

This paper outlines Australia's refugee resettlement program, and the various legal and political questions surrounding it.

What is a refugee?

The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (the 1951 Refugee Convention) is the key international legal document defining who is...

Research report

28 Nov 2014

Summary: This report looks at the numbers and rates of young people who were in youth detention in Australia due to their involvement or alleged involvement in crime. It focuses on trends over the 4-year period from the June quarter 2010 to the June...

Research report

5 Nov 2014

Now that the acute phase of boat arrivals appears over, this paper urges all parties to use this opportunity to construct an overarching national asylum and refugee policy for the long term.

Executive summary

Forced migration is an age-old phenomenon. It cannot...



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