Disruptive technologies

Discussion paper

24 Jul 2018

The release of this issues paper marks the formal launch of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s major project on human rights and technology.


26 Jun 2018

This research report uses interviews with over 100 domestic and ridehailing platform workers in major U.S. cities to reveal how technology is reshaping the future of labor.

Journal article

12 Feb 2018

The digital revolution is unstoppable and irreversible. The speed, scope and pervasiveness of digital technologies is profound. Like every other technologydriven change, it has benefits and challenges.


12 Nov 2017

This report shares useful insights for individuals, families and organisations about what can be done today to shape a positive future of work for all Australians.


18 Aug 2017

Although Australian agriculture has a strong track record of technology integration, the speed of technology innovation makes the identification of high impact emerging technology a priority for Australian rural industries. This report responds to this priority, and presents the outcomes of a methodology to scan,...


14 Apr 2017

There’s strong evidence to suggest that digital technology is altering human physiology. Host Madeleine Morris is joined by neuroscientist and psychologist Olivia Carter, and philosopher of science Michael Arnold – plus an audience full of questions – to talk brains, technology, policy and wellbeing.

Research report

11 Jan 2017

As the pace of technological change becomes exponentially faster, it is increasingly difficult to identify the major trends that could have profound effects on enterprises and consumers. To help address this challenge, we’re pleased to offer the 2017 version of Predictions from Deloitte Global, designed...


14 Dec 2016

Many trends on the horizon offer opportunities that could transform our cities. From self-driving vehicles and the sharing economy through to cloud computing and blockchain technologies, each of these trends is quite significant on its own. But the convergence of their disruptive forces is what...

Research report

4 Oct 2016

The Unions NSW report provides a case study of Airtasker, looking specifically at the industrial implications for workers. Airtasker is the leading provider of online facilitated task-based work, and is representative of the industrial risks associated with the disintegration of traditional jobs into short term...

Research report

21 Mar 2016

In a business climate driven by powerful digital forces, disruption, and rapid-fire innovation, every company is now a technology company. Whereas technology was traditionally confined largely to operations and execution, its digital expression now informs all aspects of business, from ideation to delivery. We witness...

Audio program

4 Feb 2016

The blockchain technology that began life via virtual currency bitcoin could yet prove as transformative as the internet. The structure of blockchain ensures that any transaction between two entities only proceeds on the basis of transparency and consensus. So could fraud be a thing of...

Research report

1 Feb 2016

This report looks at the economic effects in Australia of Uber and its uberX ridesharing platform. The impact of the launch, and subsequent growth of Uber, and particularly its UberX platform is playing out as one of Australia’s most compelling sharing economy and digital disruption...



24 Dec 2015

From robots to the most popular course, academics share their predictions about what universities will be like in 2030.

Recently the media had fun comparing the vision of life in 2015 depicted in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II with the...

Research report

4 Sep 2015

Australia is on the cusp of two of the greatest disruptive transformations in history: the ageing of the population and a technological revolution. How the nation manages with both of these prospects will determine its fortune.

These two phenomena will cause a ripple effect...


8 Jul 2015

Will automation create as many jobs as it renders obsolete? Either way, the spectre of severe societal consequences looms, and low-skilled workers will end up shouldering the greatest burden.

From ordering your food on a tablet today, to one day having your online shopping...

Audio presentation

6 Jul 2015

In the decades ahead, digital disruption could result, according to some predictions, in nearly half of all current jobs in Australia being displaced - unless we skill up. While technology will undoubtedly create new employment opportunities, will it create enough of them? Already, many qualified...

Research report

16 Jun 2015

This focuses on what jobs and skills we need to develop to ensure our economy continues to grow and diversify. Discussion around jobs often focuses on the here and now. However, if Australia is to maintain a robust economy that is internationally competitive, we must...

Research report

10 Apr 2015

The financial year 2013-14 has been seen as a turning point for Australia Post. Over the period January to June 2014, Australia Post booked its first ever half-year loss since becoming a government owned enterprise in 1989. This was a direct result of heavy losses...

Research report

13 Feb 2015

Exploring trends in automation this report points to sluggish job creation caused partly by increasing automation, and argues that secular stagnation in the digital age can only be avoided by a shift towards inclusive growth.

The authors highlight the key challenges, explore some of...

Conference paper

14 Nov 2011

In 2011, three digital media giants, Amazon, Google and Apple, launched music locker services. The timing of the launches was curious, given that the decision of a United States district court case on music locker service Mp3tunes.com was still pending1 and the same court had...



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