Food industry and trade


13 Dec 2017

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has decided to bring together its members and produce this publication to share how they are addressing climate change through the implementation of low carbon solutions in their direct operations.

Journal article

21 Nov 2017

This article asserts that even back in the 1960s, the U.S sugar industry was covering up evidence of the harmful effects of sugar.


31 Oct 2017

This inquiry was concerned with the biosecurity risks associated with the importation of seafood and seafood products (including uncooked prawns and uncooked prawn meat) into Australia.


18 Oct 2017

This report highlights the meat industry’s strong economic credentials and cultural value to Australian consumers.


16 Oct 2017

3.6 million Australians (15%) have experienced food insecurity at least once in the last twelve months, with three in five of these individuals experiencing food insecurity at least once a month.


12 Sep 2017

This report focuses on several issues of primary concern to meat industry stakeholders, including price transparency and accountability across the industry, greater producer representation and mechanisms for independent grading.

Research report

23 Aug 2017

This research looked at where, why and how much food waste is currently generated by food retail and wholesale businesses, such as supermarkets and grocers. The research report also suggests ways the NSW EPA could support industry to maximise their efforts.

Journal article

15 Aug 2017

This article examines how Australian food manufacturers are responding to global initiatives to reduce people's salt consumption.


14 Jul 2017

This CSIRO report argues that businesses of tomorrow must unlock greater value from Australia’s resources through harnessing science and technology and creating new offerings that meet the emerging needs of global customers.


4 Jul 2017

Independent brewers generate $740 million in annual economic output, according to this economic report prepared for Independent Brewers Australia.


22 Jun 2017

This Senate Committee report looks at the biosecurity risks associated with the importation of seafood and seafood products (including uncooked prawns and uncooked prawn meat) into Australia.


15 Jun 2017

Economically stable, resilient and diversified, Australia is a low-risk environment in which to do business. Investors in the agribusiness and food industries will find a transparent regulatory environment and close trade and cultural links to the Asia-Pacific region.

Research report

5 Jun 2017

This report examines trends and issues in Australia's food market with a focus on domestic food demand.

Research report

28 Mar 2017

Farm businesses are subject to a vast and complex array of regulations. Regulations are in place at every stage of the supply chain — from land acquisition to marketing — and are applied by all levels of government. The number and complexity of regulations affecting...

Research report

7 Mar 2017

Changes are needed to improve transparency and competitiveness in Australia’s cattle and beef markets, with an ACCC study highlighting shortcomings in price reporting, a lack of trust in the carcass grading system, and concerns about anti-competitive conduct affecting competition in cattle and beef sales....


7 Mar 2017

This quick guide provides an overview of Kosher food certification in Australia. It complements the quick guide on Halal certification.

Kashrut is a body of Jewish law that prescribes what foods can and cannot be eaten, and how they must be prepared and eaten....

Briefing paper

23 Feb 2017

Section 156 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides that the Commission must conduct a four yearly review of modern awards (the Review). The Commission’s task in the Review is to decide whether a particular modern award achieves the modern awards objective....

Technical report

8 Feb 2017

The attached Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) Technical Report, Environmental Research in Macquarie Harbour- Interim Synopsis of Benthic and Water Column Conditions January 2017, was prepared by Dr Ross and Associate Professor MacLeod at the EPA Director’s request in November 2016.


Journal article

12 Sep 2016

Industry-sponsored nutrition research, like that of research sponsored by the tobacco, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, almost invariably produces results that confirm the benefits or lack of harm of the sponsor’s products, even when independently sponsored research comes to opposite conclusions. Although considerable evidence demonstrates that...

Discussion paper

23 Aug 2016

The purpose of this document is to specify the standards for the operation of the electronic tag based NLIS (Sheep & Goats) system in Victoria. These standards apply to all sheep and goats born on or after the commencement date (1 January 2017) that move...