Food industry and trade

28 March 2017

This Productivity Commision report has concluded that agriculture regulations and regulatory systems need to be reformed so they can more fully achieve their objectives.

7 March 2017

Kashrut is a body of Jewish law that prescribes what foods can and cannot be eaten, and how they must be prepared and eaten. Kosher foods are those that meet the standards of Kashrut and hence are...

7 March 2017

Changes are needed to improve transparency and competitiveness in Australia’s cattle and beef markets, with an ACCC study highlighting shortcomings in price reporting, a lack of trust in the...

Briefing paper
23 February 2017

This Fair Work Commission decision deals with the review of the weekend and public holiday penalty rates and some related matters, in hospitality and retail awards.

Technical report
8 February 2017

This technical report into Macquarie Harbour water conditions was prepared by Dr Jeff Ross and Associate Professor Catriona MacLeod at the Tasmanian EPA Director’s request in November 2016.

Journal article
12 September 2016

This article looks at sugar industry-sponsored nutrition research reports. From a deep dive into archival documents from the 1950s and 1960s, they produced compelling evidence that a sugar trade...

Discussion paper
23 August 2016

The purpose of this document is to specify the standards for the operation of the electronic tag based (NLIS) National Livestock Identification System (sheep and goats) system in Victoria.

Video lecture/presentation
1 March 2016

In his opening address to the ABARES Outlook 2016 Conference, the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, outlines a report card on what has been done, and a plan for the future in relation to Australia's...

30 September 2015

Focusing on premium food and wine from a clean environment, this initiative supports regional agriculture and food and wine businesses to become more collaborative, productive and globally...

Conference paper
4 December 2014

The aim of this paper is to segment the Australian consumer markets for organic food. Australian organic farms and organisations aiming for a sustained presence could consider this study as a...