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30 Aug 2018

This guide is a comprehensive resource identifying practical and proven strategies to deliver energy and cost savings across manufacturing operations.

Research report

28 Jun 2018

National planning is vitally important for Australia's naval shipbuilding industry to sustain and consolidate its sovereign capability. The release of the naval shipbuilding plan attempted to formalise a long-term plan for the industry. However, further work is required to provide a more comprehensive and holistic...

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13 Jun 2018

The first of July 2018 marks an important day for Australia’s quest to become a more important actor in space, with the creation of an Australian Space Agency. For the first time, Australia looks to have direction, coordination and focus in its endeavours beyond Earth....

Research report

11 Jun 2018

This report outlines why Western Australia would be an ideal home for the Australian National Space Agency, citing WA's geographic advantages and expertise in the space industry, which both align with the objectives of the Australian Space Agency.

Research report

14 May 2018

The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness to date of the Department of Defence's planning for the mobilisation of its continuous shipbuilding programs in Australia.

Research report

1 May 2018

In September 2016, the Queensland government asked the Queensland Productivity Commission to conduct an inquiry into manufacturing to identify policies to improve the sector’s productivity and competitiveness. This final report sets out a policy action plan to support a strong and diverse manufacturing sector.


23 Apr 2018

This strategy document outlines the Australian government’s long-term vision to build and develop a robust, resilient and internationally competitive Australian defence industry base that is better able to help meet defence capability requirements.

Research report

17 Apr 2018

This report provides a comprehensive picture of New Zealand’s total manufacturing sector, bringing together key facts and figures from Statistics New Zealand, commentary and insights from interviews with industry stakeholders, as well as findings from other research.

Research report

21 Mar 2018

This summary of the deliberations of the first National Manufacturing Summit provides an invaluable starting point for this year’s summit, and for the continuing policy dialogue that will be essential for making the most of Australia’s manufacturing potential.

Research report

20 Feb 2018

This report highlights the strengths of the Australian shipbuilding industry in creating new export opportunities in the rapidly growing global maritime manufacturing market.

Research report

1 Dec 2017

This report makes recommendations aimed at maximising the competitiveness of the Australian steel industry and levelling the playing field so that Australian steel has the best opportunity to compete fairly in an increasingly globalised market.

Research report

21 Nov 2017

This report has been prepared for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS). The terms of reference for this work are set out in Appendix A. It was prepared before the announcement that the Commonwealth Government will establish an Australian Space Agency.

Research report

8 Nov 2017

Using tools and case studies, this whitepaper builds the case for why economic development practitioners should work with small-scale manufacturers, and the synergies created when these businesses locate in downtowns and mixed use centers.

Research report

Produced by Deloitte Access Economics for Oxfam Australia
29 Oct 2017

This report shows that while many leading and iconic Australian fashion brands are enjoying increases in revenue, the workers making our clothes – the vast majority of whom are women - are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Research report

26 Oct 2017

This final report into road safety in Australia looked at road and vehicle design and the impact of the freight transport industry.

Research report

18 Oct 2017

This report examines the state of Australia’s rail industry and how government procurement, including through the Australian Rail Track Corporation, and other policy levers can improve the value for money, competitiveness, stability of work and capability of the rail manufacturing industry.

Research report

18 Oct 2017

This report aims to demystify what it means to be an 'advanced manufacturer.'

Research report

5 Oct 2017

This paper argues that plans for a Sovereign Defence Industry must not be a catch-all list of defence industry we want to maintain for a variety of legitimate reasons, but should comprise that industry support required in country for defending Australia in the most challenging...


12 Sep 2017

China's plans to eventually ban the sale of new petrol and diesel engines could hurt Australia's multi-billion-dollar car-parts industry.

Discussion paper

16 Aug 2017

The proposals outlined in this discussion paper would require large corporations and other entities operating in Australia to publish annual statements outlining their actions to address modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.



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