Research--Economic aspects


27 Sep 2018

This report concludes that to unlock innovation in New Zealand in the future, it is important for policy-makers, universities and investors to consider focusing on strengthening the contribution of universities to innovation.


Why UK research and innovation needs a greater diversity of priorities, politics, places and people
12 Jul 2018

This report sets out why and how the United Kingdom needs to escape the biomedical bubble if it is to realise the economic, social and health potential of new investment in research and development.


16 Mar 2018

Research partnerships between Australian universities, the Department of Defence and weapons manufacturers may not be ethically justifiable.

Briefing paper

4 Jan 2018

This issues paper argues that while outsourcing is not uniformly good or bad, services with a principally academic market seem to be especially susceptible to monopoly or oligopoly dynamics among commercial providers.


8 Dec 2017

Research infrastructures are long-term enterprises. They are increasingly diverse in nature, may operate under very different models of governance and financing, and within diverse and evolving financial and political contexts. They represent strategic investments which are indispensable for enabling and developing research in all scientific...


1 Nov 2017

Designed to test the robustness of a wide range of indicators and methods of assessment of engagement and impact of academic research on the wider society, this report summarises the findings from the ERA Engagement and Impact Pilot (EI Pilot) and its review, and proposes...


1 Nov 2017

Australian research is set to come under tougher assessment criteria, to ensure it delivers economic and social benefits.


1 May 2017

Executive Summary: The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme has been a feature of the Australian Government research and innovation agenda for 25 years.

The programme has been subject to many reviews, each initiated to determine whether it was delivering on its stated objectives. In...


25 Apr 2017

This report focuses on the data related to IP in Australia, with discussion of the Productivity Commission (PC) inquiry and a side report on University-Industry Collaboration.

Policy report

1 Nov 2016

This Policy Statement sets out how to ensure regional research systems are sufficiently robust to enable valuable research to be conducted throughout Australia.

Annual Report

13 Oct 2016

I am pleased to report on the progress made in 2015-16 by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), towards our goal of improving the living standards and wellbeing of Victorians.

The department has been operating for 18 months. In the...


28 Sep 2016

The Turnbull Government is encouraging feedback from Australia’s research and development (R&D) community, businesses and industry groups and other stakeholders on the R&D Tax Incentive Review findings released today.

The review was undertaken by Chair of Innovation Australia Bill Ferris, Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan...



2 Jun 2016

New research released by SGS Economics & Planning has revealed the spatial distribution of economic growth for all 150 federal electorates. The analysis shows that areas with strong concentrations of knowledge intensive industries are performing well, namely electorates in the eastern suburbs and north shore...


6 Apr 2016

Examines the changing dynamic and the transformation of “rustbelt” cities, the former industrial centers of the U.S. and Europe, into a “brainbelt” of design and innovation.


15 Mar 2016

Realising the benefits of Australia’s world-class research system requires translation of its outputs into economic and societal benefits. The effective translation of research will be at the core of Australia’s future competitiveness and prosperity.

In mid-2014 a group of ATSE Fellows, concerned by the...



31 Jan 2016

Over the past year, RedFire Consulting Group has evaluated the South Australian early stage innovation ecosystem and government-funded programs.

RedFire has now developed an implementation plan to improve South Australia’s innovation ecosystem. The plan contains recommendations around three separate categories:

Government administration and...


22 Jan 2016

Under his five year reign as Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb saw funding for science research fall to a 30 year low.

But under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, there's some good news for the sector. The Prime Minister says he is keen to see...


4 Dec 2015

The overall quality of the Australian research sector is high by OECD standards but Australia’s performance is poor when it comes to translating publicly funded research into collaboration with business. We rank last out of 26 OECD countries on the proportion of businesses collaborating with...


27 Aug 2015

In August 2014, the Australian government commissioned KPMG to undertake an independent review of the 27 research infrastructure projects funded under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) 2013. The NCRIS projects were assessed and rated across their governance, effectiveness, efficiency, integration, financial management and...


11 Aug 2015


The period 2006 to 2014 has seen an approach to the national support of eResearch infrastructure by the Australian Government which is unprecedented. Not only has investment been at a significantly greater scale than previously, but the intent and approach has been...



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