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8 Jul 2018

Conducting a plan review to determine whether a building complies with the building code is made much easier with the innovative APR software from SMARTreview. APR works inside Autodesk Revit to collect information relevant to the building code, send it to our APR Cloud Analysis...

Policy report

13 Apr 2017

The Scaling Humanitarian ICTs Network (SHINE) funded by Sida, set out with the theory of change that the quality and efficiency of humanitarian aid can be improved in a variety of contexts through the adoption of Information Communications Technologies (ICTs). With applications in Ethiopia, DRC,...

Journal article

15 Mar 2017

iPads are becoming popular as 1:1 devices in many classrooms, enabling teachers to implement pedagogies that will enhance student learning. Such mobile tools offer many affordances which can increase student motivation and autonomy. Nevertheless, without a change in pedagogy, they are unlikely to bring about...


24 Nov 2016

On 31 August 2016, the Senate referred the 2016 Census to the Senate Economics References Committee for inquiry and report by 24 November 2016. The terms of reference include the following matters:

The 2016 Census, with particular reference to:

a) the preparation, administration...


24 Nov 2016

The Australian Government’s new paradigm of online engagement and services for Australians is not coming. It’s already here.

Government’s response to the eCensus events of 9 August 2016 provides an opportunity to change the conversation about cyber security: to one of trust and confidence...

Audio interview


16 Aug 2016

Investigations are continuing into what went wrong at the Australian Bureau of Statistics over the botched online census. But there's fresh scrutiny of the computer giant IBM, which has been blamed for failing to take adequate pre-emptive steps to deal with the denial of service...


5 Jul 2016

Participants were taken step by step through the process of creating their own simple 2D videogame, learning the basics of coding, computational thinking, and digital game design. The workshops were free and drew 426 people across the seven locations. 85% of participants completed an online...


21 Jun 2016

The privatisation of Australia’s Medicare organisation has become a hot issue in this election with the Labor party accusing the Liberals of wanting to privatise Medicare.

The federal government earlier this year earmarked $5 million to fund consultants to review the digital payment services...


9 Mar 2016


Information and communications technology (ICT) is a significant enabler in the delivery of government programs and services. With government’s increasing reliance on ICT to deliver services and manage information, it is of critical importance that ICT projects are successfully implemented. However, VAGO’s...

Journal article

1 Oct 2015

Enterprises are now seeking to cater the needs of their business change to improve business agility and to increase information technology flexibility. They have transformed with the initiative of implementing service orientation from their existing information technology infrastructure to a managed services environment. This requires...


24 Aug 2015


This 2016 Corporate Plan has been prepared by nbn co limited (nbn) for its shareholder ministers, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP and Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann (Shareholder Ministers) as required by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth) (PGPA...


5 Jul 2015

A list of project descriptions and videos for the GovHack competition 2015.

Now in its fifth year, GovHack has grown from a small data mashup event in 2009 to a huge international competition that brings over 1800 people together to innovate, collaborate and apply...


23 Jun 2015

A list of the official datasets which will be used in the 2015 GovHack competition.

GovHack is an annual open data competition held all over Australia and New Zealand. It is a non-profit event run by volunteers who form the GovHack Coordination Team, and...

Data portal

23 Jun 2015 provides an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets from Government. The main purpose of the site is to encourage public access to and reuse of government data by providing it in useful formats under open licences. It was created following the...


19 Jun 2015

On 19 June 2015, representatives from over 40 Australian research institutions gathered in Canberra to launch their most recent Open Data Collections:

internationally significant collections: uncovered, described and made openly available Video stories youtube of 6 of these open data collections (see Related Content...


31 Mar 2011

Sweden and Singapore continue to top the rankings of The Global Information Technology Report 2010-2011, Transformations 2.0, released by the World Economic Forum, confirming the leadership of the Nordic countries and the Asian Tiger economies in adopting and implementing ICT advances for increased growth and...

Journal article

22 Oct 2010

Cost efficiency has been a dominant perspective in the traditional IT literature. However, in complex technology and business environment, the widely recognized cost efficient assumption of information technology has been increasingly challenged. Drawing from a case study of wireless network implementation situated in a politically...

Journal article

1 Apr 2010


The purpose of this paper is to help managers to successfully plan, implement, and operate enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects using a risk management framework.


This paper adopted a combined literature review and case study method. Using literature...

Conference paper

5 Dec 2009

Most people now live in cities. In the next one hundred years, cities will rapidly grow in size and complexity. Now, more than ever, there is a need to assess the future impact of engineering constructs before they are built. Ensuring a building is structurally...


6 May 2006

This interim report of the e-Research Coordinating Committee sets out the policy issues pertinent to Australia securing maximum benefit from the use of e-research techniques by proposing strategic directions that should be pursued and proposing further steps that would allow generation of an implementation strategy....



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