Internet--Safety measures

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Journal article

12 Sep 2017

This article examines the current legal and regulatory terrain around cyber-racism in Australia.

Research report

15 May 2017

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) eighth annual report on scam activity highlights the significant harm scams continue to cause to the Australian community. This report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community.


15 May 2017

During this year’s National Consumer Fraud Week (15 - 19 May), Scamwatch is providing advice to Australians to help them ‘spot social media scams’.

Research report

21 Nov 2016

In September 2015, the Swinburne Institute for Social Research commenced a two-year research project on safety and wellbeing as it relates to communication technologies, in remote Aboriginal communities and towns in the Northern Territory (NT). This report provides an overview of findings from the first...

Research report

16 May 2016

This report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community.

Snapshot of 2015

Overall contact levels and financial losses

In 2015, the ACCC continued to observe a high level of scams activity in Australia,...

Book review

19 Jun 2015

With Web 2.0, platforms and usage have become dynamic, the lines between creator and user have become blurred, and social media facilitates networking and collaboration. These developments raise questions about whether this medium actually enhances freedom by enabling expression, or facilitates harms in new and...


15 Jun 2015

Bridging the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web and the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the British Library encouraged young people to debate the issues of rights and responsibilities in the digital space.

On 15 June 2015, the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta,...

Research report

1 Apr 2015

This study by researchers from the Wellbeing Research Group, Centre for Research in Education, at the University of South Australia evaluated how successfully the Safe Schools Hub (SSH) resource provides digital resource coverage for the National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF) by exploring: who uses the...

Research report

20 Mar 2015

“Building digital safety for journalism: a survey of selected issues” is the new title of the fourth edition in the UNESCO Internet freedom series. In order to improve global understanding of emerging safety threats linked to digital developments, UNESCO commissioned this research within the Organization’s...

Research report

8 Aug 2014

This paper examines proposed internet filtering policies in Australia from the 1990s to 2014 and discusses some of their ideological underpinnings.

Executive summary

The Internet is a revolutionary source of information and its dissemination; and a medium for collaboration and interaction between...

Discussion paper

14 Jul 2014

Addressing the cyber safety challenge: from risk to resilience describes the cyber safety issues emerging from a range of technology trends, how different populations are using technologies and the risks they face, and how we can effectively respond to each group’s unique cyber safety...

Research report

30 Jun 2014


Advances in information communication technology are dramatically improving real-time communication and information-sharing. By improving access to information and facilitating global debate, they foster democratic participation. By amplifying the voices of human rights defenders and helping to expose abuses, these powerful technologies offer the...

Discussion paper

31 Mar 2014

This paper discusses proposals for reform of Australian privacy law, including for a new Commonwealth Act that would provide for a statutory cause of action for serious invasions of privacy, and invites the public to make submissions.


This Inquiry comes at...


29 Jul 2013

Australia is a highly connected country - technology and the internet are crucial to Australia's way of life.

However, while the potential of the internet and digital economy is clearly a massive opportunity for Australia, it is also quickly emerging as a key enabler...

Research report

11 Jun 2013

This report explains key trends in scam activity in 2012 and highlights the impact of scams on the community.

Snapshot of 2012

Scam reports

In 2012 the ACCC continued to observe a high level of scams activity in Australia, with...


26 Jun 2012

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law comments on Victorian laws relating to creating, sharing, sending or posting of sexually explicit messages or images via the internet, mobile phones or other electronic devices by people, especially young people – known as sexting.

The Centre...

Journal article

15 Jun 2012

In this article we argue that the legal reshaping of public and private cannot at this stage be reconciled with the expectations of online writers who seek to conceal personal identity or to address a private audience. As bloggers, social networkers and other online content...

Research report

5 Apr 2011

Research has shown that young people are much better equipped to deal with online risks than adults assume and that young people themselves are the most valuable resource for adults concerned about the online safety of their children.

The research also reveals significant benefits...

Research report

8 Mar 2010

More than 20,000 scam reports were made to the ACCC in 2009, an approximate increase of 16 per cent compared with 2008. This report explains key trends in scam activity and highlights the impact of scams on the community. It highlights the cooperative work of...

Research report

31 Aug 2000

This Australian Competition and Consumer Commission guide covers:

* What is an internet auction? * How to become a buyer or seller * Who is the seller on an internet auction? * What if I don't get what I paid for? * How to...