Victims of crimes

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Research report

14 Mar 2018

Analyses the trends in the rates of annual recorded incidents of ten categories of property and violent crime for the period 1990 to 2017 in New South Wales.

Discussion paper

13 Mar 2018

This issues and options paper forms part of the review of restitution and compensation orders in Victoria.


28 Sep 2017

The number of offences recorded by police in Victoria in the year to 30 June 2017 was 533,194. This is down 0.6% from 536,287 offences recorded in the same period last year.

Discussion paper

31 Aug 2017

This VLRC supplementary consultation paper has been released for public comment, following an update to the commission's terms of reference.


12 Jul 2017

This inaugural report of the Community Safety Trustee sets out the new approach and covers the five key elements of the Community Safety Statement: reducing harm, increased connection to the community, putting victims first, holding offenders to account and improving Victoria Police capability culture and...

Research report

23 May 2017

This study aimed to find whether the Safer Pathway program is more effective in reducing domestic violence related offences (e.g. physical assault, threats of physical assault, intimidation) than the conventional response to such offences.

Discussion paper

17 May 2017

Despite some advances, reforms to sexual assault law and policy have not translated into significant change and shortcomings of the system continue to undermine and restrict survivors/victims ability to access protection, redress and justice for these crimes.

Research report

3 Mar 2017

Armed robbery exposes workers to serious harm in an environment where day-to-day safety is not normally a concern, and can have a wide range of negative consequences for employees. Victims may find it difficult to return to or cope at work.

This research examined...

Research report

22 Nov 2016

The Victorian Law Reform Commission’s report on the role of victims of crime in the criminal trial process was tabled in the Victorian Parliament on 22 November 2016.

The victim’s role has evolved over the past three decades and the report takes an evolutionary...


30 Aug 2016

This resource has information for women and girls who have been sexually assaulted including:

What sexual assault means; Getting medical help and counselling after a sexual assault; Reporting to the police; and Legal process and your rights.

Research report

11 Jul 2016

The review identified options for addressing critical statistical data needs for a social investment approach, taking account of the impact and outcomes of crime. The Ministry of Justice wishes to ensure that the right information is available in a timely and efficient way – to...

Discussion paper

9 Feb 2016

On 10 November 2015, Victim Support Service (VSS) in partnership with Anglicare, hosted the ‘Improving Justice and Support for Child and Adolescent Victims of Crime’ Conference in Adelaide. This event involved a diverse group of almost 100 representatives from across the non-government and government sectors...

Research report

12 Aug 2015

Provides an analysis from the AIC’s Database of Victimisation Experiences (DoVE) of cases of common assault that are not related to domestic disputes or involving sexual assault.


In 2012, there were 116,105 recorded victims of physical assault in New South Wales,...


22 Jul 2015

This publication presents national crime statistics relating to victims of a selected range of personal and household offences that have been recorded by police during a 12 month reference period. This publication provides a breakdown of the selected offences by victim characteristics (age and sex);...

Research report

18 Jun 2015

NOTE : See Related Content below for associated data tables for download.

Recorded crime statistics show that there were 458,027 offences recorded by Victoria Police in the year to March 2015, up 1.3% compared to the same period last year.

The crime...

Research report

11 Jun 2015

This paper explains the Database of Victimisation Experiences, which provides qualitative information about the victim/survivor’s functioning prior to and after the act of violence.


In 2013, the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) and Victim Services NSW agreed to develop a database...

Research report

13 Mar 2015


This report summarises the key South Australian findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Crime Victimisation, Australia, 2013-14 (cat. no. 4530.0) which was released on 17 February 2015.

Crime Victimisation, Australia provides the results of an Australia-wide crime victimisation...

Research report

3 Sep 2014

Foreword: Once a trafficked person has exited an exploitative situation, they may require support to return and reintegrate into their chosen community. Using data contained in the International Organization for Migration Counter Trafficking Module, the recovery, return and reintegration experiences of Indonesian victims of...

Research report

30 Jul 2014

This audit examined crime and safety issues in the Northern Territory urban communities of Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs to help inform effective strategies to reduce the actual and perceived risk of victimisation.


This Special Report is a research driven response...

Research report

7 Jul 2014

Abstract: This paper uses information compiled from a broad range of sources to create an accurate and holistic picture of crime and criminal justice issues in Australia. Within this volume are the patterns and trends relating to specific crimes, victims, offenders, the location of criminal...