Medical technology

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Working paper

12 Feb 2018

This working paper presents findings of Stage 3 and 4 of the National Maternity Data Development Project, which was established in response to the National Maternity Services Plan.

Research report

19 Apr 2017

The existence of labour and human rights abuses in medical goods supply chains has implications for Australian healthcare companies and public procurement, as the health and well-being of Australians should not come at the cost of the abuse and exploitation of workers in low-wage countries....


7 Dec 2016

Summary Nanotechnology is a broad term used in science to describe anything that is less than 100 nanometers in size. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is being used in all areas of science, including medicine. Some of the ways in which...

Audio interview

13 Oct 2016

Welcome to Techtopia, our segment on the technologies set to disrupt our future and the sometimes unexpected questions we may need to ask about them.

Today, perhaps our most challenging topic yet: brain chips and other neurotechnologies that offer the possibility not only of...

Journal article

20 May 2016

The best use of diagnostic imaging is a challenge for many health professionals and the health system. Potential hazards of inappropriate imaging include exposure to ionising radiation, false positive and negative results, unexpected incidental findings, overdiagnosis and cost.

While normal imaging results can reassure...

Discussion paper

20 Jan 2016

As Internet-driven innovation revolutionizes the U.S. economy, many have wondered: Why isn’t there an Uber of health care? Why can’t we deploy, in health care, the same forces that are improving quality and lowering costs in virtually every other sector of the economy? Health care...

Research report

17 Dec 2015

The purpose of this study is to shed light on the problem of medical data loss—how it is disclosed, who is causing it and what can be done to combat it. This is a far-reaching problem that impacts not only organizations that are victims of...


3 Aug 2015

Digital health technologies have received a high level of attention of late in the medical and public health literature and popular media. Much of this discussion takes an uncritical techno-utopian stance, representing these technologies as offering great potential for reducing healthcare costs and facilitating ‘patient...

Journal article

27 Apr 2015


In light of cultural discourses that position femininity at odds with technology, I was inspired by the work of Donna Haraway to examine how women amputees experience and negotiate feminine embodiment with prosthetic limbs. In her germinal Manifesto for Cyborgs, Haraway theorised...

Research report

25 Feb 2015

Overview: This audit examined the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of managing high-value Computed Tomography (CT) and Medical Resonance (MR) scanners in public hospitals. We found that these imaging services are not being managed economically, efficiently or effectively across Victoria.

The cost-effectiveness of delivering CT...


1 Oct 2012

This guide is designed to act as a common starting point and as a useful reference during an eHealth project for the implementation team, clinical and business leads and interested parties from acute and primary care. It does not provide detailed technical or step-by-step guidance...