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A report for the National Electricity Market
16 Nov 2018

Annually, AEMO prepares a summer readiness plan, collaborating with generation and transmission network providers, federal and state governments, and key agencies to actively manage heightened risks to power system operations.

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8 Nov 2018

The Australian Energy Market Commission has made a more preferable rule that will require large electricity generators to provide at least three years’ notice of their intention to close. The provision of this information to the market will help minimise the likelihood of any price...


6 Nov 2018

Securing our energy is a collection of expert essays on the challenges and opportunities of energy security, energy access and climate change.


Deciding the future of Australia’s coal power workers and communities
30 Oct 2018

Australia’s coal-fired power stations will all close in the next two or three decades. We know this because the companies that operate the 23 power stations currently operating nation-wide have told us so. Despite the empty rhetoric of some, it is unlikely that the economic...


19 Oct 2018

Household energy prices across electorates in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania will continue to rise until the end of 2020, under current forecast price and consumption trends, without a signification reduction in the wholesale gas price.


11 Oct 2018

This assessment of generator rebidding in the national electricity market (NEM) found that rebidding is contributing to the delivery of efficient market outcomes, but can be a problem where there is a lack of competition between generators.

Discussion paper

21 Sep 2018

This options paper is part of the AEMC’s review into the coordination of generation and transmission investment. Under Terms of reference provided by the COAG Energy Council, the AEMC is considering ways to improve the coordination of transmission and generation investment so new supply can...


12 Sep 2018

This report celebrates the heroes of Australia’s low-carbon economy, telling the stories of the renewables sector, the businesses, communities, and individuals who are taking matters into their own hands, creating opportunities and building a sustainable energy future.


11 Sep 2018

This report is intended to stimulate public discussion about the electricity sector. Reliable, affordable electricity is crucial to New Zealand’s economy and way of life. If for no other reason than this, the electricity sector warrants periodic examination.


13 Aug 2018

To understand the implications for Australia's infrastructure, this report examines the evidence received about recent changes to the climate system, terrestrial environment and the marine environment that are relevant when considering future challenges for housing, buildings and infrastructure.


What AEMO’S Integrated System Plan Report implies about the National Energy Guarantee
8 Aug 2018

This report argues that AEMO’s modelling results show that, with efficient planning of and investment in the most efficient mix of network services, it will be quite possible to ensure that the electricity supply system of the NEM remains secure and reliable, and do so...


3 Aug 2018

This guide has been created to assist those communicating on climate change and energy to do so accurately and effectively. It includes some clear definitions of climate and energy concepts delivered in a manner that is widely understood by the public, and in messaging that...

Policy report

1 Aug 2018

The proposed final design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will require retailers to contract for generation or demand response to meet a minimum level of dispatchable ‘on demand’ electricity where there is an identified gap. Retailers must also keep their emissions below an agreed...

Policy report

1 Aug 2018

This paper outlines the detailed design of the Commonwealth elements of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), including feedback received from stakeholders during consultation on the draft design.


Promoting efficient investment in the grid of the future
26 Jul 2018

The annual review of the economic regulatory framework for electricity networks is part of the AEMC’s work to support the continual evolution of the energy sector. In light of the significant growth in decentralised energy resources, the review examines whether the economic regulatory framework is...


24 Jul 2018

Australia’s ageing coal power stations are unreliable and prone to breaking down in extreme weather events. There is no such thing as clean coal. No matter how “efficient” a coal-fired power station claims to be, it is always polluting. Australia must transition to clean, affordable...


19 Jul 2018

Amid a flurry of reports comes the information we need for real progress — and some sobering data.


The impact of the NEG on carbon emissions and power prices
19 Jul 2018

This report models the impact of the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG) on Australia’s carbon emissions and on National Electricity Market (NEM) wholesale prices by 2030 under the Turnbull Government’s 26% emissions reduction target and a higher 45% target. The research shows that the government’s...


17 Jul 2018

This document outlines a cost-based, engineering optimisation plan by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), that forecasts the overall transmission system requirements for the National Electricity Market (NEM) over the next twenty years.


Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry - final report
11 Jul 2018

This report finds that there is a serious electricity affordability problem for consumers and businesses. The report sets out 56 recommendations to reset the National Electricity Market, boost competition, reduce costs and improve consumer and business outcomes.



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