Solar energy

14 March 2017

This plan is intended to ensure that South Australia will become more self-reliant for its power.

23 February 2017

This new report finds that the solar rollout will continue to go gangbusters this year, with more than twenty industrial-scale installations set to go ahead across the country, and another 3700...

16 February 2017

Australian rooftop solar is now at a crossroads – but it’s all positive. New technologies mean big data can be gathered from systems so that performance can be monitored and alerts raised if...

Journal article
4 January 2017

The aim of this paper is to analyses residential solar PV feed-in tariffs (FiT) policy history to inform the development of a sustainable flexible pricing regime to enhance the diffusion of energy...

Audio program
3 October 2016

Solar customers in South Australia are the first to be hit with higher power bills after a lucrative subsidy scheme came to an end last week.

Audio interview
30 September 2016

Climate Council member, Andrew Stock, says political conflict over renewables risks their future in Australia.

16 September 2016

South Australia’s iconic Kangaroo Island could pioneer a new age of renewable energy, according to new research.

Discussion paper
12 September 2016

This discussion papers looks at the federal government's plans to cut ARENA’s funding, while providing new funds for fossil fuel research and development.

16 August 2016

While the windback in 'feed-in tariffs' may hurt some households, it may ultimately be a good sign for the solar industry, writes Andrew Blakers.

Journal article
15 June 2016

Deploying standalone solar air-conditioning systems in residential buildings forms a radical demand-side energy management solution for eliminating the peak electricity demand from residential air...