Rural communities


6 Nov 2017

The Regional Australia Institute is pleased to present its submission to this inquiry and commends the parliament for its renewed focus on this nationally important issue.

Promoting growth in all regions is crucial to optimising growth in the national economy and opportunity for all...


30 Oct 2017

This report provides an overview of the key issues, identifies the principal challenges and highlights the major policy responses in view of the findings and recommendations from recent research reports funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE). It also...

Audio program

27 Sep 2017

An expert conducting a review of regional education for the federal government thinks Australia has become too obsessed with sending country students to university.

Flinders University Professor, John Halsey, says tertiary education should remain a viable pathway for country students, but argues regional Australia...

Blog post

18 Sep 2017

Healthy planning is about supporting the wellbeing of all people, no matter where they live, their age, physical and mental abilities, and irrespective of their socio-economic status. In this ‘urban’ century, when more of us than ever live in cites, there is a danger that...


14 Sep 2017

This summary report presents the key findings from a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social...

Research report

14 Sep 2017

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia. The study contributes to the limited evidence on how geographical and social isolation shapes...


28 Aug 2017

While recent Census figures show more than 28 per cent of Australians were born overseas, generally regional areas attract a much smaller share of migrants.

However, there are arguments migrants can help drive growth in the regions and many who have chosen a new...


23 Aug 2017

The NSW Government is committed to planning for the future housing, jobs, infrastructure and environmental needs of its regions. To deliver this commitment, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment released a draft New England North West Regional Plan in late 2016 for public comment....


18 Aug 2017

Communities in the Far West are among Australia’s most diverse, self-reliant and forward-looking. Leveraging these community strengths through regional coordination and local leadership will create strong networks and a stronger, more resilient and capable Far West. Distance is a constant challenge in the Far West,...


11 Aug 2017

Mildura has a steadily growing population of over 60,000 but is the only large population centre without a train.

In September 2016, Tim Fischer launched Rail Futures InterCity report, a blueprint for regional passenger rail and population redistribution from Melbourne to the regions....


31 Jul 2017

The North West Minerals Province is one of the world’s richest mineral producing areas containing copper, lead and zinc as well as major silver and phosphate deposits and strong rare earth potential. The Province’s mining industry has been the primary driver for regional employment and...

Research report

31 Jul 2017

This report explores nuances of rurality, details challenges rural libraries face in maximizing their community impacts and describes how existing collaborative regional and statewide efforts help rural libraries and their communities.

The authors combine data from the final Digital Inclusion Survey with Public Libraries...

Discussion paper

19 Jul 2017

The discussion paper highlights key educational challenges and issues that impact on the learning outcomes of regional, rural and remote students. It aims to create a springboard for fresh ideas to improve outcomes for these students.

Independent reviewer Emeritus Professor John Halsey has prepared...

Research report

13 Jul 2017

Ensuring critical fire safety and preparedness information is disseminated to those most vulnerable to bushfire is a high priority for Victorian Emergency Services. Reaching those most at risk in bushfire prone communities relies heavily on an intricate understanding of the communities themselves. Balmoral Fire Connect...

Briefing paper

29 Jun 2017

This visual summary of results from the 2016 Census looks at population growth in regional areas.

Policy report

20 Jun 2017

This Government recognises the valuable contribution of our regions and is committed to supporting their growth and prosperity by investing in services and infrastructure across New South Wales.

The Government is on track to meet the Restart NSW priority infrastructure target of allocating 30...

Journal article

31 May 2017

There is little research on children’s experiences of growing up in a popular tourist destination, where place and space are contested with visitors, migrants and temporary residents. Existing literature on young people’s experiences of their socio-spatial surroundings has focused predominantly on the rural/urban dichotomy, often...

Audio program

20 May 2017

The art of remote Australia is often the wallpaper in the background when corporate giants do their pieces to camera in TV news bulletins or live crosses.

Even politicians don't mind being filmed against those vibrant, shimmering canvases with their waterholes, dreaming tracks and...


19 May 2017

The NSW Department of Education is seeking feedback on the Regional and Remote Early Childhood Education Strategy.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) services play a vital role in the wellbeing and development of children and young people. In recognition of this, the Regional and Remote...


18 May 2017

From our remote mining hubs, through to our world-class wine districts and our dynamic regional cities—regional Australia’s landscapes, industries and people are diverse.

The Government acknowledges that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to regional policy development doesn’t work, which is why we are investing in partnership...