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22 Nov 2018

Abstract :

For many agricultural commodity sectors, efforts to meet international obligations regarding emissions reduction are increasing. The Australian cotton industry has already made advances in this regard and the high yields associated with Australian cotton production dramatically minimise greenhouse gas emissions intensity....


A survey of broadacre, dairy and vegetable farms
2 Nov 2018

This report outlines how information communications technology (ICT) is used in Australian agriculture. The report also identifies the key differences in adoption between agriculture sectors and between small and large farms.

Working paper

7 Sep 2018

In this paper, we provide a broader analysis of the impacts and value from agricultural mitigation research in New Zealand, with a focus on two particular Sustainable Land Management and Climate Change (SLMACC) research projects funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Conference paper

18 Jun 2018

In Australia, rural land use planning as the concern of spatial planning strategy and local regulation has largely emerged during an era of contrasting decline in state-directed agricultural policies and futures. Despite a long history of attempts at land use regulation as a nation-building process,...


7 Feb 2018

Almost 22,000 people were hospitalised in the period from 2010–11 to 2014–15 as a result of injury which occurred on a farm; over three-quarters of them (77%) were males.

Journal article

7 Dec 2017

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industry, but new research shows there has been no improvement in work-related fatality rates in the sector in NSW for at least 15 years.


29 Sep 2017

The Register of Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land (the Agricultural Land Register) was established to provide greater transparency about the level of foreign ownership of Australia’s agricultural land.

The Commissioner of Taxation reports annually to the Treasurer on the operation of the Register of...


14 Aug 2017

White Spot Disease (WSD) is a viral infection caused by Whispovirus that causes death in up to 80% of affected farmed prawns. Australia was considered free of WSD until an outbreak in December 2016 but it has had an almost constant presence in biosecurity policy,...


21 Mar 2017


The relationship between customary land tenure and ‘modern’ forms of landed property has been a major political issue in the ‘Spearhead’ states of Melanesia since the late colonial period, and is even more pressing today, as the region is subject to its...

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21 Jul 2016

In a draft report, the Productivity Commission recommends slashing red tape in agriculture to make it easier for farmers to do business. It argues that foreign ownership rules should be relaxed, and that the Coalition's 'effects test', designed to prevent the misuse of market power,...

Working paper

30 May 2016

Summary haiku

Ruminating on Methane. Land use will change and Someone’s gotta pay.


I use simulations from the Land Use in Rural New Zealand model to consider mitigation for different classes of sheep-beef farms under climate policy. Farmers in...


25 Feb 2016

This interview discusses important land care practices to ensure pastoral sustainability in the Kimberley region.

The Kimberley is the most northerly of the nine regions of Western Australia. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Timor Sea, the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts...

Discussion paper

22 Dec 2015

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission (the Commission) to undertake an inquiry into the regulatory burden on farm businesses, with a focus on regulations that have a material impact on the competitiveness and productivity of Australian agriculture.

The Commission has released this...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2015

This paper reports on research which follows the difficult process of farm families preparing for and subsequently leaving farming. The period of exit covers the millennium drought of 2000-2010 in four case study areas in Victoria, Australia. It is concerned with families still of working...


3 Jul 2015

A better understanding of soil microbiology is essential if agricultural production is to meet the needs of a growing world population.


Soil fertility comprises three interrelated components: physical fertility, chemical fertility and biological fertility. Biological fertility, the organisms that live in...


30 Jun 2015

Levies and charges are taxes initiated by primary industries and imposed on the producers in that industry in order to pool resources and to find solutions to priority issues. This review examines the systems by which agricultural levies are monitored and enforced in order to...

Briefing paper

23 Jun 2015

In the lead up to the 2015 State election it was reported in The Land that the Coalition Government and NSW Farmers had entered into “an unprecedented” memorandum of understanding. Among the “key commitments” entered into were the reform of biodiversity laws and consideration of...

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30 May 2015

World demand for food is booming but Australia's participation in that growth is not inevitable. The Australian Farm Institute warns we need to bust some myths about the nation's relative competitiveness, invest capital, build skills and marketing capacity and play smarter if we are going...


28 May 2015

The re-localisation of food production will support and enhance Australia’s food system and has the potential to increase access to nutritious, affordable food for the most vulnerable, argues this report.


Urban agriculture is becoming an increasingly prominent topic in discussions on...


30 Apr 2015

Several degraded soil conditions are currently causing environmental and economic concern in Australia, including acidification, erosion, salinity, depletion, structural decline and compaction.


A detailed knowledge of the state of Australian soils is currently difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain. The vast...



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