Government spending policy


10 Dec 2017

Australia entered an era of economic reform in the mid-1980s as policymakers resolved to liberalise the country’s economy and strengthen its public finances. Fiscal reform, which is the subject of this paper, was an important part of the process. These reforms included management of the...

Briefing paper

30 Nov 2017

Every year, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) prepares a large number of policy costings for parliamentarians. In 2016–17, for example, we prepared over 1,600 policy costings. Each costing provides an estimate of the proposed policy’s financial implications on the Australian Government Budget over the next...

Briefing paper

30 Nov 2017

Every year, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) prepares a large number of policy costings for parliamentarians. These provide estimates of the impact of the proposed policies on the Australian Government Budget over the next decade.

Individual policies can affect the...

Discussion paper

27 Nov 2017

The Parliamentary Budget Office Review 2016–17 — Report of the Independent Review Panel (the PBO review) reported that there is a lack of understanding of the factors that determine how long it takes the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) to complete a costing and of the...


16 Nov 2017

There are sound economic, environmental and political reasons to veto Adani’s loan.

(1) Stopping the NAIF loan to Adani means more money for projects in other industries, like tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and renewable energy.

(2) Poll after poll shows Queenslanders, like the rest...


2 Nov 2017

In order to deliver public value, there is a need for organisations to optimise the use of their scarce resources. This Noetic Knowledge is for people in organisations who make investment decisions and for those who develop business cases. In our experience, not all...


26 Oct 2017

This Report provides estimates of Australian, State and Territory government expenditure for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians across more than 150 expenditure categories. When combined with other information, the estimates contribute to a better understanding of the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of government expenditure...


26 Oct 2017

The government appears to be soliciting foreign funding for a project that stands to benefit from substantial subsidies. Any foreign investor would benefit from subsidised government loans which transfer cost and risk onto the Australian taxpayer. Foreign funders may get repaid before Australian taxpayers,...

Technical report

13 Sep 2017

Costings produced by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) are estimates of the financial impact of policy proposals on the Commonwealth Government’s budget. They generally cover a future time period of between four and 10 years. Despite being the PBO’s best possible estimates of the budget...


22 Aug 2017

The citizenship debacle engulfing the Nationals, and in turn the Coalition government, has as much to do with trust and integrity as it does with the constitution. Being consistent is important in business and in government.

After the Greens' Scott Ludlum and Larissa Waters...

Briefing paper

4 Aug 2017

It is not inevitable that people will learn from history. It is not even inevitable that those who are willing to learn from history learn the right lessons. Which is why, as we approach 10 years since the global financial crisis (GFC) it is important...


29 Jul 2017

The Productivity Commission is required under its Act to report annually on industry assistance and its effects on the economy. This report contains the Commission’s latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry.

This year’s review also explores how recent developments such as...

Research report

28 Jul 2017

This research study, drawing on the views of more than 1200 grantseekers, reveals a huge amount of effort is being wasted on abandoned grant applications, large organisations are increasingly scooping up the small grants too, and pressure is building on local government to shell out...

Policy report

19 Jul 2017

The Infrastructure Pipeline is Building Queensland’s independent assessment of infrastructure proposals under development by Queensland Government agencies, including departments, government-owned corporations and nominated statutory authorities.

The aim of the Infrastructure Pipeline is to inform the Queensland Government’s infrastructure investment decision-making. The proposals in the...


5 Jul 2017

Population growth has profound impacts on Australian life, and sorting myths from facts can be difficult. This is the third article in The Conversation's series, Is Australia Full?, which aims to help inform a wide-ranging and often emotive debate.

Australia has the highest...

Briefing paper

1 Jul 2017

This policy brief

summarises trends in spending on social security cash transfers and services in Australia since 1980. examines trends in the proportion of the population receiving different social security payments and compares Australian social security spending with other OECD countries.

Overall, social security...

Briefing paper

20 Jun 2017

Budget Paper No. 2 Infrastructure Statement provides information on the Government’s infrastructure investment program. The objectives of this budget paper are to:

support transparency and accountability by reporting on planned capital expenditure covering new works and works -in -progress explain how resources have...

Discussion paper

15 Jun 2017

This report models the impact of an increased Medicare Levy in comparison to a progressive Medicare Levy, more like income tax, on the spread of Australian income earners.

The Turnbull Government proposes to increase the Medicare levy to 2.5 per cent of income from...


31 May 2017

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. It's great to be here in Melbourne this afternoon for the first event in the Infrastructure Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Major Reform Series.

As Mark said, we are very pleased to be sponsoring today's event and I'd like...

Briefing paper

25 May 2017

This report, prepared by Mark Thomson, gives interested readers greater access to the complex workings of the Defence Budget and promotes informed debate on Defence budget issues.