Occupational training

Discussion paper

11 Oct 2017

This paper sets out the vision the Business Council of Australia has of creating a culture of lifelong learning and building a universal education system for Australians across schools, vocational education and training (VET), and higher education (HE).

The Business Council aspires to a...


10 Oct 2017

This summary highlights key findings from research which examined different aspects of employer-supported training. It focuses largely on the technical report Employer-supported training in Australia: participation, demand and supply which considers drivers of participation in employer-supported training. It also touches on related work which examines...

Technical report

18 Sep 2017

This report provides an analysis of employer-supported training in Australia. Employer-supported training is the largest share of adult education and training in all Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. It has benefits for individuals, firms and society. Cross-country studies have shown a positive...

Other text

7 Jul 2017

The focus of this research was the lived experience of self-identified Pasifika students; exploring their ethnic identity and experience of psychotherapy training. Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) was used to analyse data derived from semi-structured in- depth interviews with three participants; each engaged in psychotherapy training...

Research report

1 Feb 2017

At the request of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Industry Skills Council (ISC) and the Skills Senior Officials Network (SSON), a National Training Product Reform Group, comprising representatives from all of the jurisdictions, considered the longer-term reform of training products. This exercise, conducted during...

Research report

19 Oct 2016

No young person must be allowed to leave school to nothing - no job, no further training, no hope. The Salvation Army is issuing this challenge to the New Zealand community in a report titled ‘What Next?’, focused on the employment needs of 15 to...

Research report

17 Aug 2016


This paper looks at firms’ motivation for training apprentices in both Australia and Germany. The study explores how these countries compare when dealing with their respective institutional arrangements for apprenticeship training. It then analyses Australian employer's commitment to training based on changes...

Research report

17 Jun 2016

This report assesses the impact of NCVER's research against two themes: the role of apprenticeships in a modern economy and the nature of vocations and competencies required by industry. Using the framework developed by NCVER, this case study evaluation reveals the extent to which NCVER's...

Research report

24 May 2016

Terms of Reference: Received from the Legislative Assembly on 23 December 2014:

That, under s 33 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 , an inquiry into the CFA training college at Fiskville be referred to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee for consideration, inquiry...

Research report

17 Mar 2016

This report examines the impact of Australia's temporary work visa programs on the Australian labour market and on the temporary work visa holders.

Although a range of varied and specific matters were raised during the course of the inquiry, certain themes run across one...



31 Oct 2015

This is edition 17 in an annual series on the tertiary education sector. Profile & Trends 2014: New Zealand's Workplace-based Learners is the third of five new annual reports that, together, constitute the Ministry of Education's annual publication Profile & Trends: New Zealand's Tertiary Education...

Research report

23 Jul 2015

Executive Summary

Training and professional development are key tools for strategically enhancing the leadership and technical competence of any workforce. Research shows that formal learning experiences that are well aligned, designed, delivered, and applied do improve individual and organisational performance. Indeed, the development...

Research report

9 Jun 2015

Abstract: In this independent research paper four Canberra-based projects were examined to explore the significance of interpersonal skills in technical occupations. The importance of interpersonal skills and demands for teamwork, cooperation and collaboration during projects was confirmed. The implications of skill terminology, career practitioner advice,...


15 Jul 2014

The overriding objectives of the proposed standards are to be flexible and responsive to industry, less onerous, reduce costs for RTOs and less of a regulatory burden for RTOs. Furthermore the national training system is to be industry led, using appropriately skilled trainers and assessors...


10 Mar 2014

This independent evaluation of the Tonga Business Enterprise Centre (TBEC) has been undertaken to inform future decisions in support of TBEC. It assesses how effectively TBEC has delivered its services and what difference this has made, and makes suggestions and recommendations on improvements to enhance...


26 Feb 2009

These guidelines provide practical models for businesses and their training partners to provide effective support for learners using e-learning in workplaces.

Data has come from businesses that have received funding support under the national training system?s e-learning strategy, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework to...

Research report

17 Apr 2008

This study was undertaken by Global Learning Services for the 2007 Research and Policy Advice Project of the national training system's e-learning strategy, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework). It aimed to provide a portrait of the current situation in Australia in the role and...

Research report

25 Mar 2008

Health workforce shortages are a global phenomenon. Dealing with these shortages requires a multi dimensional strategy that some developed countries have recognised may need to include the introduction of new health professionals. These professionals supplement the work of medical practitioners in dealing with changing population...

Research report

22 Nov 2005

Increasingly, vocational education and training practitioners work with industry and within private enterprises in arrangements that provide training for workers. Drawing on interviews with TAFE practitioners and managers, enterprise managers and on-the-job learners, Roger Harris, Michele Simons and Julian Moore highlight the expanding roles of...

Research report

6 Dec 2004

Governments face major challenges when addressing the issue of workplace health and safety, and there is sharply divided opinion over the appropriate legislative response to industrial deaths and accidents. Any policy has to consider the effects upon industry and investment as well as the effect...