Industries--Technological innovations

Discussion paper

14 Dec 2017

The world of work is changing in ways that make it increasingly difficult for a large proportion of the workforce to gain and maintain consistent employment. More than ever, existing and future workers need to prepare for the changing skills requirements of jobs. With advancements...


4 Dec 2017

The Gold Coast is quickly maturing into a place of broad opportunity and rich experiences. The Commonwealth Games are just around the corner and we’re seeing more than $12.5 billion invested in transformational infrastructure projects. YP Gold Coast aims to have a bold voice on...


27 Nov 2017

We have many strengths on which we can build, and some weaknesses we need to address. As we leave the European Union we need to raise our game at home and on the world stage. This can be done if we seize the opportunities...


12 Nov 2017

Creating a positive future of work is perhaps the single most important issue we face as a society. Australia’s future prosperity relies on all of us preparing for what is likely to be a very different world of jobs ahead.

Accelerating technology and social...


8 Nov 2017

Small countries at the far end of the world cannot afford to lag in technological adaptation, which requires flexible and enabling regulatory environments.

In some areas, New Zealand’s approach is laudable. When Rocket Lab, an aerospace corporation that launches lightweight,...


1 Nov 2017

Last year, IFC studied the national commitments submitted by 21 emerging market countries as part of the Paris Agreement, and found $23 trillion in investment opportunity if they achieve their targets by 2030.

This report builds from that effort by...


26 Oct 2017

This inquiry reported into aspects of road safety in Australia, having particular regard to:

(a) the social and economic cost of road-related injury and death;

(b) the importance of design standards on imported vehicles, as Australian vehicle manufacturing winds down;

(c) the...


18 Oct 2017

Manufacturing is undergoing a historic transformation across the industrialised world. Firms are creatively diversifying their focus across different stages of the manufacturing process, both before and after goods are produced. As production activities are gradually being outsourced to developing countries offering cheap labour, more...


4 Oct 2017

Australia's international cyber engagement champions an open, free and secure cyberspace. Through comprehensive and coordinated engagement on cyber affairs, we will maximise opportunities for economic growth and prosperity through digital trade. Australia will cooperate internationally to reduce the risk of cybercrime and promote peace and...


29 Sep 2017

The Queensland Government is committed to positioning Queensland as a place where entrepreneurs, industry, universities and government collaborate to turn great ideas into commercial products and businesses that create jobs.

Much of the emphasis on innovation is directed towards business, universities and entrepreneurs; however,...


28 Sep 2017

Recent debates about the future of jobs have mainly focused on whether or not they are at risk of automation (Arntz et. al., 2016; Frey and Osborne, 2017; McKinsey, 2017; PwC, 2017). Studies have generally minimised the potential effects of automation on job creation, and...


22 Sep 2017

Automated and Driverless Vehicles (AV/DVs) offer the prospect of positive and fundamental changes to the way Australia’s cities work and how people utilise transport. At the highest level, AVs offer massive increases in road safety and capacity – and could see car ownership become the...

Discussion paper

19 Sep 2017

The Australian government is asking for ideas to help develop a national Digital Economy Strategy. It will help the government to identify the key issues, challenges and opportunities, and to develop a way forward.

This discussion paper considers the broader digital economy, followed by...

Discussion paper

12 Sep 2017

Thanks to its compact geography, Tasmania would encourage people to purchase electric vehicles by providing even just a handful of public vehicle charging stations. This paper explores two options for providing coverage to a large part or most of the state, with three or six...


8 Sep 2017

Business leaders are asking: What impact will AI have on my organisation, and is our business model threatened by AI disruption? And as these leaders look to capitalise on AI opportunities, they’re asking: Where should we target investment, and what kind of capabilities would enable...


7 Sep 2017

This summary explores the benefits to the VET system of becoming more involved in applied research. It looks at what steps registered training organisations can take to start developing an applied research and innovation capability, such as naming and claiming their current achievements through to...

Discussion paper

31 Aug 2017

While our actions now are supporting Queensland’s strong economic growth and job creation, we are continuing to look for new opportunities to strengthen and build on this growth. We need to ensure we are well positioned to take advantage of future opportunities.

An industry...


21 Aug 2017

The informal work practices of the so-called “gig” economy are widening existing cracks in Australia’s system of labour regulations, and should be repaired through active measures to strengthen labour standards in digital businesses. That is the conclusion of newly-published research from a special symposium on...


18 Aug 2017

Technology advancement and technology driven disruption is expected to experience exponential growth in the coming decades. Although Australian agriculture has a strong track record of technology integration, the speed of technology innovation makes the scanning and identification of high impact emerging technology a priority for...

Discussion paper

3 Aug 2017

This review will consult widely and examine Australia’s current capability and areas of comparative advantage, as well as our regional and international engagement within the sector. Importantly, it will also consider how the space industry sector aligns with other sectors and government priorities, including in...