Native title (Australia)

21 March 2017

This report addresses the question of how effective agreements arising from native title determinations are at meeting the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples who have achieved legal...

8 February 2017

This book sets out the legal rules and their application in various situations: native title claims, native title agreement-making, decision-making by native title corporations, and compensation...

Discussion paper
31 January 2017

This paper considers the implications of the Timber Creek decision for the work of native title anthropologists and highlights some of the conceptual and methodological shifts required for...

Journal article
30 January 2017

This article looks at the landmark 2016 decision of Griffiths v Northern Territory, which sheds light on the ability of the Federal Court to award compensation under the Native Title Act, and also...

Journal article
1 August 2016

The process of standardisation has robbed the land reform system of much energy and has dramatically reduced its utility and relevance for many Indigenous Australians.

Working paper
2 May 2016

Explores some of the factors that appear to be supporting the growth and success of the Central Land Council's multimillion-dollar Aboriginal community development program that operates across...

30 November 2015

This report details the ways several Indigenous communities from around Australia are implementing their rights and interests following the restitution of their land and sea territories.

4 June 2015

This report marks the first major review of the law governing ‘connection’ in native title claims since the introduction of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). It also examines authorisation...

Journal article
21 May 2015

This article examines the scope and application of the statutory construction assessment that underlies the consistency evaluation of native title rights.