Shelters for the homeless

16 March 2017

This cost benefit analysis found that it is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them 'sleeping rough.'

17 June 2015

Ann Deslandes examines three unique approaches toward homelessness in Melbourne, Cape Town and Los Angeles.

Every, Danielle
Thompson, Kirrilly

Research in the US suggests that people experiencing homelessness are more at risk during natural disasters because they have limited access to the economic, social and community resources needed for preparation, evacuation and full recovery. Although this vulnerability is recognised in...

Johns, Gary

Despite public interest and public inquiries as long ago as the 1989 Human Rights Commission and the consequent increase in funding by the Hawke and subsequent governments, the 2006 rate of homelessness in Australia was 32 per 10 000, only marginally better than the 34.8 per 10 000 of 2001. This...

Boyle, Katherine

Homeless young people are being held in remand despite being granted bail because the Department of Community Services cannot or will not find the young person accommodation, and there is no legally enforceable obligation on the Department to so. This practice is not new. Two rounds of...

Chamberlain, Chris
MacKenzie, David

Drawing data from the 2001 Australian Census of Population and Housing, information on homelessness in Australia is provided. There were 99, 900 homeless people across Australia on census night 2001 spread unevenly.

Middleton, David

Earthquake commission (EQC) has introduced a simple universal scheme for the affordable insurance of New Zealanders' homes, a comprehensive plan for responding to a natural disaster. EQC aims to provide public information to make themselves less vulnerable to the effects of extraordinary...