Women--Violence against

Fact sheet
19 April 2017

Nearly 6,500 women and girls were hospitalised due to assault in Australia in 2013–14, with the violence usually perpetrated by a partner or spouse, according to new analysis from the Australian...

30 March 2017

Today marks one year since Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence released its seven-volume report and recommendations. These set out a blueprint to transform responses to, and...

Research report
29 March 2017

Examines how specialist domestic and family violence services listen to Aboriginal women - what they see and hear, what they have learnt, and how they apply this in practice.

21 December 2016

This report provides an overview of some of the ideas, challenges, and opportunities that were raised at the International Conference on Practice and Policy in the Prevention of Violence against...

9 December 2016

This project scoped a range of specialist family violence and universal services and organisations in Victoria to ascertain their capability and perspectives on early intervention in family...

24 November 2016

This Victorian government strategy document outlines how they will try to build a future where all Victorians live free from family violence, and where women and men are treated equally and...

8 November 2016

This report reviews the role of government initiatives at every level in addressing the underlying causes of domestic violence, including the commitments under, or related to, the National Plan to...

30 October 2016

This report extends results from the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2011 (ABDS 2011) to produce detailed estimates of the health burden due to exposure to IPV that are specific to Australian...

30 October 2016

This report outlines new findings on the health impacts of intimate partner violence and the contribution it makes to the overall disease burden in Australian women. 

24 October 2016

This report reinforces how domestic violence contributes to alarming levels of financial stress among Australian women.