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Discussion paper

13 Mar 2018

This issues paper has been released to assist participants in preparing a submission to the inquiry to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the Basin Plan and water resource plans.

Research report

24 Feb 2018

The former Federal Water Minister, Barnaby Joyce, approved the $17 million purchase of water in the Warrego valley, after criticising the Labor government for the same thing. This was a deal that required amendments to the Basin Plan to later adjust Basin Plan limits between...


14 Feb 2018

This report highlights that whilst the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) claims to base its recommendations on best available science, the proposed amendments allow the MDBA and the states change the Sustainable Diversion Limits (SDLs) without considering the science.

Research report

7 Feb 2018

The model provides a basis for separating the effects of historical climate, market and policy shocks on the southern Murray-Darling Basin (sMDB) region, and for simulating the effects of potential future shocks.

Research report

7 Feb 2018

This research shows that estimates of impacts on South Australia from proposed changes to the Murray Darling Basin Plan have been changed multiple times by the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA).


21 Dec 2017

This report card provides a summary of progress made in Victoria towards achieving the Basin Plan environmental outcomes.


19 Dec 2017

This report questions using averages to represent flows in the Barwon-Darling and challenges the NSW Water Minister’s claims about how much water is going into maintain river health.


12 Dec 2017

It’s been five years since the Basin Plan was established – it’s time to check how implementation is going. The 2017 evaluation considers environmental, social, cultural and economic outcomes seen so far, and whether these outcomes are in line with what was expected five years...

Research report

28 Nov 2017

Through its decisions following my Interim Report on NSW water management and compliance, the NSW Government has embarked on an historic program of reforms to the way water compliance and enforcement is managed in the state. This second, and final, report provides advice on progress...


Containing reports by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority and the Independent Review Panel
24 Nov 2017

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and an Independent Panel have conducted a Basin-wide Compliance Review at the request of the Australian Government, to assess the legislative, policy and practical implementation of compliance in water management across the Basin.

Discussion paper

28 Jul 2017

Attempts to develop northern Australia by subsidising capital-intensive industries like irrigated agriculture have a long and unimpressive history.

Audio program

12 Feb 2017

This investigative radio documentary asks what is being done to clean up New Zealand's lakes and rivers and it is being done fast enough?

Water quality is tipped to become a big issue in the lead up to this year's general election.




29 Dec 2016

Australia is world-famous as a swimming nation. We have a celebrated beach culture, not to mention more privately owned pools per person than any other country. Yet few urban Australians would consider swimming in their city’s river.

Almost every major Australian city...

Research report

25 Nov 2016

The Northern Basin Review represents an opportunity to check if the targets set for water recovery in northern basin catchments are appropriate.

It is an important step in safeguarding one of Australia’s greatest national assets, the Murray–Darling Basin. Its continued well-being is an essential...

Research report

15 Sep 2016

The expansion of the unconventional oil and gas industry into the Channel Country is a relatively new development. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the proliferation of new oil and gas fields in the region will detract from its natural values. The proposed exploitation of...

Discussion paper

1 Jul 2016

The Yarra River is one of Victoria’s most iconic waterways, integral to Melbourne’s identity and the liveability of the city. The river traverses more than 200 kilometres of urban and rural landscapes and across many thousands of hectares of private and public land.


Research report

3 Jun 2016

The Catchment Management Investment Standard has been prepared to assist water utilities make the case for catchment management as a water quality treatment asset.

Operating in an economically regulated environment where consumer affordability is paramount and where the regulator puts the burden of proof...

Audio program

22 Jun 2015

A major review of the risks of climate change in the Murray Darling Basin is likely within the next seven years.

The proposed timeline has been revealed to ABC RN after a dispute between the Murray Darling Basin Authority and some of Australia's leading...

Research report

22 Apr 2015

Highlights the problems facing the Yarra River and calls for a Yarra River Protection Act to address them.

Summary The report, Let’s Act for the Yarra, co-produced by Environmental Justice Australia and the Yarra Riverkeepers Association, finds that the key problems faced by...

Research report

21 May 2014

735 people drowned in Australian rivers, creeks and streams between 2002 and 2012. Rivers claimed more lives than any other aquatic location across the same period.

Executive Summary

This report details the number of drowning deaths in Australian rivers, creeks...