International relief

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Journal article

16 Apr 2018

Since 2013, Australian aid has been reduced and increasingly focused on delivering benefits to Australia. Motivated by these changes, this paper fills three gaps in the existing literature on public opinion about aid. It provides the only recent detailed study of Australians' opinions about aid....


3 Apr 2018

This reports suggest that Australia’s aid spending, already at record lows, could be cut further, making our aid contribution proportionately lower than that of Greece.


8 Mar 2018

The erosion of long-standing Australian aid programs in many neighbouring countries means less development, poorer health outcomes, more poverty, and greater deprivation, writes Penny Wong.


6 Sep 2017

The CAF World Giving Index looks at how and why people around the world give to charity. This edition outlines data from 139 countries, which represents an incredible 95% of the world’s population.

Policy report

1 Sep 2017

This report examines ten years of primary aid for trade data and programming, and its impact on poverty reduction and inclusive growth. The report also considers how these emerging global trends can inform Australia’s own aid for trade agenda.

Discussion paper

19 Apr 2017

This discussion paper has been prepared for the public to provide their views on the management and composition of the Humanitarian Programme (the Programme) for 2017–18.

Research report

17 Jan 2017

Aid organisation, CARE International, has issued a new report highlighting the top ten most underreported humanitarian crises of 2016.

The report features food crises in Eritrea, Madagascar, North Korea and Papua New Guinea; conflicts in Burundi, Lake Chad Basin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central...

Research report

10 Jan 2017

This report outlines findings from an audit that was conducted in order to assess the transparency of the Australian aid program at the project level as of mid-2016, as measured by the availability of information about aid-funded projects on the Department of Foreign Affairs and...


4 Dec 2016

How Change Happens also sheds light on why the relationships between such activists are often fraught. People bring their own worldviews to the question of change. Do we prefer conflict (‘speaking truth to power’) or cooperation (‘winning friends and influencing people’)? Do we see progress...


14 Oct 2016

In 1996 DFAT and Australian non-government organisations (NGOs) initiated an accreditation scheme for NGOs participating in the official Australian aid program. Accreditation enables NGOs to participate in the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Accreditation acts as a front-end risk management and due diligence process....

Research report

22 Sep 2016

The Abbott Government made important changes to Australia’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs, following its election in September 2013.

Large reductions in funding, foreshadowed in the Coalition’s September 2013 pre-election costings, commenced in January 2014. A further series of funding cuts were announced in...

Research report

6 Jul 2016

In the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, independent operational evaluations focus on individual aid investments. These evaluations are generally managed by DFAT's country and regional programs.

This Review of Operational Evaluations examined 35 such evaluations completed in 2014. It is the second Review...


18 Apr 2016

Gareth Evans examines how non-state actors are increasingly of more importance in the prevention and resolution of crisis and conflict.


The global issues with which policymakers the world over are now grappling cover a formidably broad canvas of economic, environmental, social,...


15 Nov 2015

Selected infrastructure investments completed between 2004-2013 by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) were evaluated. The purpose of the evaluation is to independently inform MFAT of improvements that can be made within current infrastructure investments in the Pacific and lessons learned...


3 Aug 2015

The Australian Council for International Development is the peak body of Australian international development NGOs. This book explores ACFID’s history since its founding in 1965, drawing on current and contemporary literature as well as extensive archival material. The trends and challenges in international development are...

Working paper

13 Mar 2015

Presents new research on the objectives, motivations, and challenges of ‘innovation spaces’ in humanitarian and development work.


The use of the term ‘lab’, more commonly seen in the physical and natural sciences, conjures a sense of a safe haven for experimentation,...


1 Feb 2015

China has diplomatic relations with 8 Pacific island countries: the Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Fiji, Niue, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu. Others recognise Taiwan. China has held two main regional meetings (2006 & 2013) in which it announced a...

Research report

30 Jan 2015

The report examined Australia’s support for service systems in decentralised contexts - the evaluation focussed on the health, education and infrastructure (water, sanitation and roads) sectors.


Public services have been decentralised in most countries where Australia provides aid. This means Australia,...

Research report

1 Jun 2014

An evaluation by the Office of Development Effectiveness of Australia’s response to the Horn of Africa humanitarian crisis, 2011.


This report identifies many strengths of the Australian response to the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa in 2011. At the...


24 Feb 2014

Roger Riddell's 2008 book Does Foreign Aid Really Work? was the first attempt in more than 20 years to survey the evidence around whether aid actually works. It was also the first to examine the role and impact of development and emergency aid provided by...