Creative workforce

18 May 2016

This study investigates emerging roles in social media work across a range of professions and organisations, and the transforming media and communications environment associated with digital...

Technical report
30 November 2015

This appendix provides further information about the underlying methodology, data and trends of the Australia Council's Arts Nation report's indicators and measures.

24 November 2015

This report presents the findings of a study to map the Library, Archives, Records, Information Management, and Knowledge Management professions in the UK.

Video lecture/presentation
12 March 2015

A lecture by Dr Mari Elka Pangestu on the role of the arts and culture in the development of Indonesia.

Audio program
2 April 2014

This symposium was an in-depth exploration of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation's (CCI) influence, impact and contributions since 2005, as well as its ongoing...

3 December 2013

The Council's new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) demonstrates its ongoing commitment to recognising, supporting and embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts and Cultures into our...

7 November 2013

Telework, as part of flexible workplace practices, has many proven benefits including attracting and retaining valued staff and capturing productivity benefits. Understanding how telework might...

4 November 2013

INTRODUCTION: Health Libraries Inc (based in Victoria) and Health Libraries Australia (a national group of the Australian Library and Information Association) have collaborated to carry out this...

Discussion paper
14 June 2013

In Australia and internationally, there is strong interest in the role of ‘cultural’ and ‘creative’ activity in the economy, such as highlighted recently by Australia’s National Cultural Policy,...

Journal article
13 June 2013

Artists and designers are positioned at the centre of the twenty-first century creative economy. In order to recognise and make the most of the opportunities afforded by this new era, artists...