Rural health

Research report

6 Aug 2018

The recommendations in this report call on the NSW government to significantly increase drug and alcohol rehabilitation funding and services in regional, rural and remote areas. The report also recommends several measures for addressing drug and alcohol related crime throughout the state.

Research report

7 Dec 2017

This report shows that: health-adjusted life expectancy increased comparably to life expectancy; and that people in remote and very remote areas and people in the lowest socioeconomic group expected both shorter lives and fewer years in full health compared with their counterparts in major cities...

Conference paper

24 Nov 2017

In rural Australia, knowledge and utilisation of support by informal carers is lacking. Developing and improving access to peer support to enable carers to effectively cope with the challenges of caring may positively influence their caring experience.

Other text

26 Oct 2017

This brief summarises findings about “The Invisible Children” – the complexity and challenges facing country children and families, the gaps in and fragmentation of services, the growing disparities in outcomes between children in urban and rural and remote areas, and the critical role that the...

Blog post

18 Sep 2017

This article shines a spotlight on healthy planning for rural and regional communities, and dispels a few commonly held myths about the reality of the health and wellbeing challenges for those beyond the city.

Research report

18 Sep 2017

This report reveals themes, challenges and opportunities for children living in rural and remote Australia.

Research report

1 Aug 2017

This collaborative project with National Farmers' Federation and the Country Women's Association of Australia has been completed. A survey of over 450 country people drawn from every state and territory, saw one-third of responses (32.5%) name doctor and medical specialist access as their key priority.

Literature review

30 Jun 2017

This review of literature about farmer health and agricultural medicine forms part of the research for the mid-term evaluation of the National Centre for Farmer Health.

Discussion paper

29 Jun 2017

This paper argues that a comprehensive Framework to guide and direct better health outcomes in rural and remote communities is critical.

Research report

24 Mar 2017

Our indicator reports monitor changes over the Transforming Health program implementation. We selected indicators to monitor changes in patient access and equity taken from the case for change stated in SA Health’s Our Next Steps :

Too many deaths occur in our hospitals...

Journal article

13 Jul 2016

Websites offer new opportunities to provide health-related information to rural communities. However, how acceptable they are to this population is unknown. This paper describes the consumer-led development of a website that provides rural-specific information on psychosocial care for rural South Australians affected by cancer, and...

Other text

19 May 2016

The Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA) is the peak national body representing the interests of doctors working in rural and remote communities and their patients.

People living in rural and remote areas have significantly higher rates of disease and injury, worse health outcomes...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2014

This paper examined the performance and need of health services in the mining communities through a case study of the Moura Township in Queensland, Australia. The study involved a case study approach with a survey method to assess the current performance and the need of...

Briefing paper

26 Mar 2014

Executive summary

Rural Australians generally experience poorer health than their city counterparts. Rural Australia is a vast geographical region, with significant diversity, where there is good health and prosperity, as well as disadvantage. The purpose of this issue brief is to provide evidence...

Journal article

1 Jun 2011



To compare workplace conditions and levels of occupational stress in two samples of Australian nurses.


The research adopted a cross‐sectional design, using a structured questionnaire.


Health centres in very remote Australia...

Research report

31 Mar 2008

This report focuses on a comprehensive range of health issues concerning people living in rural, regional and remote Australia.

Research report

20 Sep 2007

While Australia has a relatively sophisticated public and private health care system, for some people geographic isolation inhibits their access to specialist health care. Out of a total population of just over 21 million, approximately 34 per cent of Australians reside in regional, rural and...

Research report

1 Mar 2004


The development over the last decade of geographical classifications for Australia that describe areas in terms of relative remoteness has provided an opportunity to compare a wide range of health and welfare indicators across Australia’s major cities, regional and remote areas....

Conference paper

10 Apr 2001

The health needs of rural communities have been increasingly recognised as an area of concern, particularly due to the lack of accessible and available mental health and social services. High levels of need for psychological intervention have been identified, however only recently have strategies concerning...

Journal article

This paper uses discourse analysis to explore individuals’ use of two discourses in Scottish rural health community participation. It explores interview texts from a community participation project to design new services. Findings show that some community members employ discourses of rural localness and tradition to...



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