Automotive industry and trade

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14 Dec 2017

Market studies are used by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to help promote effective competition in markets. Studies are normally undertaken where a number of concerns about market conduct have been raised, and a detailed examination of market characteristics could help to determine...

Research report

13 Dec 2017

Self-driving cars are the next technological revolution we will face in the future. These vehicles will not only need to ‘see’ the world, but will also need to communicate and work together.

Research report

4 Dec 2017

The primary purpose of this report is to summarise some of the opportunities and challenges associated with the deployment of autonomous vehicle technology. While the report was produced in a New Zealand context, the findings are lessons for all cities.


26 Oct 2017

This final report into road safety in Australia looked at road and vehicle design and the impact of the freight transport industry.


22 Oct 2017

This report presents the emissions and fuel consumption test results from thirty different passenger and light commercial vehicles on Australian roads.

Briefing paper

12 Oct 2017

This paper looks at policies that Australian governments can implement to overcome the structural barriers that offer incentives to support electric vehicles.


10 Oct 2017

This project aimed to identify emerging Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and Automated Driving (AD) applications and assess their potential safety benefits for Australia and New Zealand.

Discussion paper

3 Oct 2017

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is asking road transport agencies, police, and industry to provide input on how Australian governments should amend driver laws to facilitate the introduction of automated vehicles.


28 Sep 2017

Australia’s energy emissions continue to increase, breaking all-time records. Petroleum, in particular diesel consumption, is the main driver of emission increases.


22 Sep 2017

This report argues that there is a substantial role for transport policymakers to engage with the public on automated vehicle (AV) technologies.

Audio program

12 Sep 2017

China's plans to eventually ban the sale of new petrol and diesel engines could hurt Australia's multi-billion-dollar car-parts industry.

Discussion paper

12 Sep 2017

Around the world, governments are recognising the benefits of wide-scale electric vehicle use and are supporting their uptake through policy.


11 Sep 2017

This report, looking into autonomous vehicle technology, has recommended that the federal government should facilitate and encourage trials of automated vehicles in Australia.


8 Sep 2017

This report, commissioned by AAA, shows that while the social and emotional costs of road trauma in Australia are immeasurable, the annual economic cost is almost $30 billion.

Discussion paper

24 Aug 2017

This consultation paper seeks feedback from insurers, credit providers, car dealers, insurance and finance brokers, consumers, consumer representatives and other interested parties on options for reform to the sale of add-on insurance and warranties through caryard intermediaries.

Fact sheet

14 Aug 2017

This information sheet presents Australian data on how realised rates of fuel consumption vary over time, and how the rates depend on key vehicle characteristics such as number of cylinders, fuel type and vehicle age.

Draft report

10 Aug 2017

This ACCC draft report contains a number of key findings and recommendations for improving consumer protection and promoting competition in new car retailing and associated markets.

Conference paper

30 Jul 2017

This paper uses global company case analysis to identify the drivers and enablers that shape the international production networks of two automotive companies, BMW and Volvo Cars.

Discussion paper

9 Jun 2017

This discussion paper canvases four options for a national safety assurance regime for automated vehicles.

Research report

14 Mar 2017

This report considers the potential impacts on vehicle registration, driver licensing and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance arrangements that might arise from the introduction of automated vehicles (AVs) in Australia and New Zealand.

The key vehicle registration issues identified revolve around vehicle standards, compliance...