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20 Feb 2018

In announcing this Bill as part of a package of bills focusing on foreign interference in Australian politics, the Prime Minister specifically highlighted China, whilst noting that the reforms were not purely about China.

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30 Jan 2018

Freedom of speech is fundamental to a free society. Political communication is obviously an important mode of speech and accordingly, the laws and regulations that seek to restrict it are inherently concerning.


7 Dec 2017

Proposed criminal offences, with regard to foreign interference in Australian politics and national security, will significantly expand the scope of existing laws against espionage and treason. This will make it easier to prosecute spies and other foreign nationals who seek undue influence over Australian business...

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18 Sep 2017

This paper considers the potential impact of China’s expanded political influence activities in New Zealand and how any effects could be mitigated and countered.

Discussion paper

1 Sep 2017

This discussion paper suggests that the Australian mining industry is dominated by foreign corporate interests that are spending hundreds of millions of dollars influencing our political process.


12 Jul 2017

Taking private donations out of the equation would help restore trust in the political system – and we’re already partway there, writes Mike Steketee.

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23 Jun 2017

This e-brief discusses current restrictions on political donations in NSW and other Australian jurisdictions in the light of recent media reports on donations from foreign and foreign-linked donors.

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7 Jun 2017

Recent controversy has refocussed attention on foreign donations to Australian political parties.

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1 Mar 2017

A corruption survey has revealed major concerns within the Australian population about perceived back-room deals between business and government.

Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer shows a serious lack of trust in business and political leaders across the country.

And the group's local arm...


1 Feb 2017


While Donors are required to declare only their donations, Political Parties and Associated Entities must give details of all receipts above the disclosure threshold for the financial year ($13,000 for 2015-16). Many of these receipts are not donations and may represent, for...



7 Dec 2016

Declared donations and payments to Australian political parties are about to top $1 billion, a new analysis of data shows. But the true figure could be triple that because donations under $13,200 do not have to be declared.

The current funding and disclosure scheme...


6 Oct 2016


Trust in political parties has never been lower, but we have more and more of them, to the point where voters need magnifying sheets to read ballot papers. What is the relationship between party regulation and the nature of our democracy? How...

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25 Sep 2016

Political parties and elections cost money to run.

Who should pay and how should we manage the risks that come along with political donations?

Rear Vision compares the Australian, Canadian and New Zealand systems.



7 Sep 2016

Labor senator Sam Dastyari has resigned his shadow frontbench position after a week-long saga over a Chinese company having covered his travel expenses. This payment led to questions about his support for China in the South China Sea dispute in defiance of Labor policy....

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30 Aug 2016

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Operation Spicer investigation has exposed prohibited donations, fund channelling and non-disclosures in the NSW Liberal Party’s 2011 state election campaign.

The Commission’s report, Investigation into NSW Liberal Party electoral funding for the 2011 state election campaign and...

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28 Jul 2016

Between 2010 and 2015 the Liberal Party of Australia and the Queensland Liberal National Party accepted over two million dollars in political donations from mining companies seeking approval for six highly controversial mining projects in Queensland.

While these companies sought approval and legislative changes...

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23 Jun 2016

With the election just over a week away, the Greens will today issue their demands in the event of a hung parliament.

Addressing the National Press Club, Greens Leader Richard Di Natale will announce that as part of any power sharing arrangement, the Greens...



23 Jun 2016

Parakeelia. Sounds like an exotic and colourful member of the parrot species, but it's a bird of prey.

Its activities have not yet achieved the attention they deserve because, when one says "politicians' entitlements" and "political funding disclosure" in the same sentence, the national...

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17 Jun 2016

Ever heard the one about the political process that was corrupted by donations from corporations? Oh, sorry. Of course you have. Fair enough too, as it’s a simple premise. We all donate to things that we have a personal stake or interest in. People donate...

Research report

16 Jun 2016

The ACCR's new report, ‘Corporate political expenditure in Australia,’ looks at what shareholders and the public know about corporate political expenditure in Australia. We find that the answer is very little. Shareholders would be shocked to find that if they knew that some resource companies...