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The purpose of this research is to investigate why Pacific allied staff at a tertiary educational institution do not progress into senior roles in New Zealand.
12 May 2017

The purpose of this research is to investigate why Pacific allied staff at a tertiary educational institution do not progress into senior roles in New Zealand.

Research report

31 Mar 2017


Career guidance and positive secondary school experiences have a significant bearing on equity students’ propensity to enrol in tertiary education. This report provides new, contemporary Australian evidence on the interrelations between equity group membership­, school experiences and university enrolment in young people...


15 Feb 2017

This tool has been designed for policy managers in the New Zealand public service.

It can be used for:

Planning: periodically diagnosing the skills make-up of your team and assessing any gaps and overlaps. Recruitment: as a reference menu to construct policy roles...


15 Feb 2017

This tool has been designed to help policy practitioners articulate their policy skills profile. It can be used:

When applying for jobs To support conversations with your manager (or others) about your development and training needs and your policy career progression

Templates are provided...

Research report

23 Nov 2016

People often think of careers as a climb up the ranks of job seniority, starting in the trainee cubicle and aiming for the executive offices. Today careers are often not so linear. While virtually every child is asked, ‘What do you want to be when...

Research report

11 Nov 2016

The future of work offers a heady mixture of excitement and promise as new ways of working become embedded in the economy, along with the worry of how and if each of us can make our way in a rapidly changing work landscape.


Research report

13 Jun 2016

Estimates the number of jobs that would be created in by the renewable energy policies of each party as at 10 June 2016.

Summary The Australia Institute has modelled the number jobs in the clean energy sector which would be created to meet...

Research report

11 Dec 2015

This report reviews the future implications of emerging technology for the labour force. In particular, it looks at how the “computerisation” of work is likely to impact the labour market more broadly.

Summary In the industrial era the world of work, and the...


30 Nov 2015

More than half of young people believe there are barriers which will prevent them reaching their goals when they leave school, according to this report.


Demographic profile of respondents A total of 18,994 young people aged 15-19 years responded to...

Research report

9 Jun 2015

Abstract: In this independent research paper four Canberra-based projects were examined to explore the significance of interpersonal skills in technical occupations. The importance of interpersonal skills and demands for teamwork, cooperation and collaboration during projects was confirmed. The implications of skill terminology, career practitioner advice,...

Research report

30 Nov 2014

This paper explores how the Australian health sector might improve opportunities for career development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers. It considers the current evidence surrounding career development in the health sector, along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worker experiences, to develop a...

Policy report

1 Sep 2014

Purpose of research

The Pacific Adolescent Career Pathways research is a longitudinal study that explores and addresses information gaps in the formative years of career planning of Pacific adolescents. In particular, it was designed to gain an understanding of students’ careers choices and...



7 Sep 2012

Have you ever considered a political career? If not, you are in the majority. Who takes this path and why asks James Walter in the Australian Review of Public Affairs .

Most of us never seriously consider this option. What is the...

Discussion paper

1 Jun 2012

The Australian government believes a National Career Development Strategy will help towards supporting individuals to make appropriate choices throughout their lives about education, training, and work and to manage their careers successfully. This Green Paper outlines a proposed way forward for a National Career Development...


1 Jan 2010

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development is a framework that can be used to design, implement and evaluate career development programs for young people and adults. At its core, the Blueprint identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to make sound choices and...

Research report

24 Jun 2009

Unlike much of the work in the field that concentrates on organization career development and knowledge management, this paper takes an industry sector perspective.

The creative industries are recognised as playing a crucial role for our post-industrial economic well being. Dance plays a central...