Inquiry into local adoption
26 Nov 2018

All Australian children deserve to feel safe and loved and to have a strong sense of identity and belonging. Unfortunately there are tens of thousands of Australian children in out-of-home care who need a family they can belong to. It is not acceptable that children...


13 Nov 2018

Children are already being removed from Indigenous communities at an unprecedented rate. Indigenous children make up 36.9% of children in out-of-home care in Australia, despite being just 3% of the population.

Policy report

6 Jun 2018

There is a growing awareness that all children need stable homes and families to thrive. This has led to policymakers facing mounting calls from adoption advocates to increase the number of ‘open adoptions’ from out of care in Australia.


13 Dec 2017

After a long-term downward trend, adoption numbers are rising, particularly for children who are already known to their adoptive parents, according to this report.


11 Nov 2017

Attempting to keep and reunite children with even highly dysfunctional parents at almost all costs has swung the pendulum of child protection systems too far in favour of defending parental rights at the expense of protecting children’s rights and best interests.


7 Jun 2017

The major recommendation of this report is that there should be a new Adoption Act in Victoria.


11 Jan 2017


The Forced Adoption Support Services Scoping Study identified a need for support service providers to establish or contribute to local networks to enhance collaboration, referrals and support for people affected by forced adoptions. The Department of Social Services (DSS) contracted the Australian...


19 Dec 2016


Adoption numbers continued to decline

In 2015–16, 278 adoptions were recorded as finalised. This is the lowest annual number of adoptions on record, and is a fall of 5% from the 292 adoptions in 2014–15, and of 74% from the...


19 Jul 2016

SNAICC and many of its members have been watching with concern as, around the country, a range of processes are undertaken to progress longer-term care arrangements for children. They vary in detail but have been broadly described as permanency planning measures. Some of these proposals...


17 Dec 2015

Adoptions Australia 2014–15, the 25th report in the series, presents the latest data on adoptions of Australian children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions back to 1990–91.


Adoption numbers continued to decline...

Journal article

12 Nov 2015

Torres Strait Islander traditional adoption has been the subject of political and legal debate for decades. While the law has given consideration and limited recognition to Torres Strait Islander adoption, the case of Eatts v Gundy (‘ Eatts ’) in Queensland raises once more the...

Journal article

7 Sep 2015

How did legislators vote on a number of key policy issues in the New South Wales Parliament? To address this question, this research note examines the legislative voting behaviour of MPs.


10 Dec 2014

Presents the latest data on adoptions of Australian children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions back to 1989–90.


Adoption numbers remained low

The 317 adoptions considered to have been finalised in 2013-14...

Discussion paper

14 Oct 2014

Under the current NSW Child Protection legislative reforms, there is increased emphasis on permanency arrangements including adoption and long-term guardianship orders.

This paper provides an overview of the development of post-adoption support services in the US and UK; outlines research on the benefits of...

Journal article

19 Aug 2014

The past practices of forced adoption have resulted in life-long consequences for the majority of those directly involved. This article distils recent research on these practices and discusses the implications for service delivery, particularly psychological practice.


During the mid to late...


21 May 2014

These collected essays explore the complexities that confront those who frame social policy and those involved in the social services and legal systems that intersect with child and family issues.


There are few areas of policy that carry greater complexity than...


16 Apr 2014

The Abbott government can provide national leadership and take adoption out of the ‘too-hard’ basket by setting national child protection performance targets, argues this report, including by boosting the number of local adoptions from care to the equivalent of more adoption-friendly countries within the next...


12 Dec 2013

This report contains comprehensive information on adoptions in Australia, including the characteristics of adopted children, adoptive families and birth mothers.


Australian adoptions increased while intercountry adoptions declined

The number of finalised adoptions in Australia increased slightly to 339 in...


10 Apr 2013

In November 2012, the Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward MP, released a discussion paper containing child protection legislative reform proposals. The reform proposals are in three parts: (1) promoting good parenting; (2) providing a safe and stable home for children and young...


19 Mar 2013

In February 2012, a report by the Senate Community Affairs References Committee recommended that the federal parliament issue a formal statement of apology for the role the Commonwealth played in the routine adoption of the babies of unwed (mostly teenage) mothers by childless married couples...



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