Maternal health services

Research report

2 Aug 2018

This publication presents key statistics and trends on pregnancy and childbirth of mothers, and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies.


20 Jun 2018

The Perinatal Services Inquiry engaged in the significant task of examining the quality and safety of perinatal services in Victoria, including services dealing with high risk and premature births, and the quality and safety of current methods to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Working paper

12 Feb 2018

This working paper presents findings of Stage 3 and 4 of the National Maternity Data Development Project, which was established in response to the National Maternity Services Plan.

Research report

20 Nov 2017

This report examines spatial variation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's access to hospitals with public birthing units and 3 other types of maternal health services. It also investigates possible high-level associations between access, maternal risk factors and birth outcomes.

Audio program

10 Nov 2017

The longest running cohort study of aboriginal health will be continued thanks to $12 million dollar cash injection by the National Health and Medical Research Council.


26 Oct 2017

Australia’s mothers and babies 2015—in brief presents key statistics and trends on pregnancy and childbirth of mothers, and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies.

Data portal

26 Oct 2017

These dynamic data displays provide an overview of mothers and babies, maternal demographics, the antenatal period, labour and birth, and baby outcomes.

Journal article

1 Jun 2017

Infant feeding practices are known to influence the child’s long-term health. Studies have associated obesity and other diseases with reduced breastfeeding and early introduction of high calorie beverages (HCBs).

Audio interview

2 Jan 2017

How do you tell a couple who are desperate for a child that they can't conceive? Then how do you tell them their last resort—paying a woman, usually in a developing country, to be a surrogate mother—is an ethical minefield?

Cambodia recently joined a...

Research report

14 Oct 2016

The review was a detailed and extensive analysis into how the Department of Health & Human Services oversees and supports quality and safety of care across the Victorian hospital system.

It consulted widely, seeking the views and experiences of patients, clinicians, hospital managers and...


25 Jul 2016

This report provides up-to-date and comprehensive data on the quality of maternal health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women from ninety-one primary care health centres across Australia. The health centres include community-controlled and government managed health services in different Australian jurisdictions.


Annual Report


8 May 2016

Key Findings

1. Mothers do best in our cities. The top 10 best places to be a mother across the country are almost exclusively urban areas. Mothers in urban cities have better outcomes across all indicators. Access to maternal child health and...

Annual Report

3 May 2016

This is the sixth report in the New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators series, with a focus on women giving birth and babies born in the 2014 calendar year.

The New Zealand Maternity Clinical Indicators present comparative maternity interventions and outcomes data for pregnant women...

Research report

24 Feb 2016


In recent times the options available to women for antenatal care and birth have expanded. This includes the provision of more midwifery-led care models. This diversification creates a need for common terminology in describing and comparing these models and the outcomes for...


1 Jan 2016

This thesis uses a complexity thinking approach to investigate the implementation of development strategies to improve maternal health taking the province of East New Britain, in Papua New Guinea, as a case study. A key global strategy for improving maternal and neonatal health is that...

Literature review

30 Jun 2015

This review presents a summary of the evidence on safely managing expressed breast milk (EBM) in hospital, home and community settings. It found that, regarding risks of pathogen transmission from mother to child, benefits for the infant must be considered against the possible severity of...

Discussion paper

4 Dec 2014

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is a non-diagnostic umbrella term that is used to cover the full range of possible birth defects and developmental issues that can be caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. This paper describes some of these consequences for children's development and...

Research report

17 Nov 2014

This report on stage 2 of the national core maternity indicators project describes the development of 8 indicators, including scoping and assessment of existing data items for reporting.


This report builds on previous work undertaken by the AIHW for the Maternity...

Research report

5 Nov 2014

This project aimed to determine the feasibility of an integrated pathway model of care for Aboriginal women in Western Australia during pregnancy.


Despite making substantial improvements in the health of Aboriginal Australians over the last ten years, significant gaps between Aboriginal...



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