Educational accountability

Discussion paper

5 Dec 2018

This inquiry has some big considerations to explore, some of which are set out in this discussion paper. These include the way in which Australia continues to define its higher education providers and universities, how to signal differentiation across the sector, and how to optimises...


17 Mar 2017

This report has been prepapred by the University of Melbourne Graduate School Of Education.

The report presents the findings of research on international approaches to measuring teacher effectiveness and their applicability to Australia. Measures of teacher effectiveness are vital for understanding what impact teachers...

Journal article

15 Mar 2017

iPads are becoming popular as 1:1 devices in many classrooms, enabling teachers to implement pedagogies that will enhance student learning. Such mobile tools offer many affordances which can increase student motivation and autonomy. Nevertheless, without a change in pedagogy, they are unlikely to bring about...


6 Sep 2016

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) and school education bear on the wellbeing and quality of life of young Australians as well as on the capabilities and productivity of Australia’s future labour force. Recognising this, Australian governments have committed to national education goals that emphasise...

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25 Aug 2016

Over the past four years, it's estimated that the Commonwealth has lost more than $2 billion due to the blow out in growth of the private vocational education sector. Set up under the previous Labor Government, the VET FEE-HELP scheme has been described as a...


27 Jul 2016

The aim of this paper is to summarise and provide analyses of the considerable body of research that investigates the costs and benefits of vocational education and training (VET). It does so from three different perspectives; the government, business and the individual.

This paper...


10 Jun 2016

This report compares provision, participation, and student performance in courses delivered by e-learning methods with courses that do not use e-learning. This is analysed at a system, sub-sector, and field of study level, as well as by ethnicity, age, full-time, part-time, and extramural status....


8 Jun 2016

There appears to be a reasonably common understanding about plagiarism and collusion in assessment items written in prose text. However, there are many disciplines of study that use assessment items not based in prose. In computing there are computer programs, databases, spreadsheets, and more; in...


19 May 2016

A Shorten Labor Government will introduce a loan cap of $8,000 a year in the VET FEE-HELP program as part of an integrity package to stop the massive waste of taxpayers’ money, to prevent price gouging of students and improve training outcomes.

Under the...


27 Aug 2015

In August 2014, the Australian government commissioned KPMG to undertake an independent review of the 27 research infrastructure projects funded under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) 2013. The NCRIS projects were assessed and rated across their governance, effectiveness, efficiency, integration, financial management and...

Journal article

27 May 2014

This paper examines in detail a sequence of the production and reading of literacy assessment data in a small Catholic school.


In Australia, as in many western education systems over the last two decades, discourses of accountability and performativity have reshaped education...

Literature review

30 Nov 2013

Learning leaders position themselves first as learners, then as leaders of other learners. The inherent tensions in this duality are explored in this literature review. Drawing on a broad range of research from education, psychology and neuroscience, the review builds a picture of the situation...

Working paper

30 May 2013

Key messages: Victoria’s school system delivers generally good results for students, but its performance falls short of the world’s best systems. To lift the Victorian system into the top global tier in the next decade, the Government has signalled a further wave of school reforms...


10 Apr 2013

To be the premier forum for international economic cooperation, the G20 will need to strengthen such core features as clarity of objectives, communication, transparency and accountability. This paper outlines what Australia can do in all these areas when it chairs the G20 in 2014....

Journal article

8 Apr 2013

This article argues that the gathering of open source intelligence, such as through messages on social networking sites, weblogs, blogs or apps, demands proper checks and balances.


Open source intelligence (OSINT) is increasingly used for security and safety purposes. Even though...


3 Oct 2011

This paper provides a review of the Afghan Security Forces, with a focus on police, as they assume greater responsibility for maintaining peace and order.

As greater responsibility is being handed over to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), there is a serious risk...


22 Sep 2011

This report examines the Government Advertising (Accountability) Bill 2011, introduced by Senator Xenaphon.

The Government Advertising (Accountability) Bill 2011 (the bill) was introduced into the Senate by Senator Xenophon on 21 June 2011. On 7 July 2011, the Senate, on the recommendation of the...


12 Aug 2011

Defence has a complex accountability system that has evolved over many years. It has its strengths and weaknesses, however Defence has reached a point in its evolution where there is a strong case to redesign its accountability system.

Current arrangements are under...


11 May 2011

WAGGA WAGGA in the Riverina region of New South Wales is a typical large regional centre, resembling both rural and urban Australia. Just as they do elsewhere, students go to school each day armed with their packs and books and computers – ready to learn,...


28 Apr 2011

This report on the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka has found credible accounts of war crimes committed by both the Government and Tamil rebels and calls for genuine investigations into the allegations.

Government forces declared victory over the rebel...



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