Water conservation


21 Dec 2017

This report card provides a summary of progress made in Victoria towards achieving the Basin Plan environmental outcomes.


19 Dec 2017

This report questions using averages to represent flows in the Barwon-Darling and challenges the NSW Water Minister’s claims about how much water is going into maintain river health.


30 Nov 2017

This report sets out a suite of long-term reforms that are necessary if the nation is to achieve its ultimate goal of restoring the health of river systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.


15 Nov 2017

This progress report for the NSW Parliament outlines the status of a current investigation into the enforcement of the principles and rules of effective water management.


28 Oct 2017

This book explores creative interdisciplinary and potentially transformative solutions to the current stalemate in contemporary water policy design.

Research report

26 Oct 2017

Much of New Zealand’s public wastewater and stormwater systems were not designed for the challenges climate change will bring, from sea level rises to the predicted changes in precipitation frequency and intensity.


11 Sep 2017

The allegations of water theft and maladministration that are the subject of this investigation were raised on the ABC TV ‘Four Corners’ program “Pumped: Who is benefitting from the billions spent on the Murray-Darling?’’

Discussion paper

9 Sep 2017

The CEWH has released this discussion paper and is seeking feedback on what type of environmental activities the community would like to be considered when developing a framework for future investments.

Research report

8 Aug 2017

China faces a multitude of issues related to air, water and soil pollution. These issues will impinge on its ability to continue to expand its agricultural sector.

Research report

25 Jul 2017

India is the largest consumer of groundwater in the world and, because its rate of extraction has remained high, groundwater replenishment has been unable to sustain water levels in many of the country’s aquifers.

Research report

Technical report

12 Apr 2017

The report is in two sections. The first is a summary report written from my Office with the assistance of the Departmental Science Advisors from the Department of Conservation and the Ministry for the Environment. This overview avoids technical detail but tries to explain the...

Video program

26 Mar 2017

This 15'27" "Sunday" television current affairs story journeys down the Selwyn River in New Zealand investigating the impact of dairy farming, climate change and irrigation in causing reduced flow and high nitrate levels. Considers whether the river is like a canary in a coal mine...

Discussion paper

16 Mar 2017

Today the Productivity Commission released an issues paper posing the questions the Commission will seek to ask and answer in their National Water Reform Inquiry.

Water reform has supported growth in agriculture and other industries, returned much needed water to the environment, created markets...


19 Oct 2016

Water for Victoria is the Victorian Government's strategic plan for management of water resources, now and into the future. We will ensure we manage water to support a healthy environment, a prosperous economy and thriving communities.

To meet the challenges of climate change...

Briefing paper

18 Oct 2016

In NSW, groundwater users must pay to take groundwater which is traded in a market. However, in Queensland there is generally no cost for the take of groundwater beyond , a nominal fee to obtain a licence.

The provision of access to a public...

Research report

14 Oct 2016

RMCG has completed a ground-breaking socio-economic study of the impact of the Basin Plan across the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID). The study was commissioned by concerned agencies and stakeholders across the region.

The study shows that the Basin Plan has led to significant impacts...

Research report

3 Jun 2016

The Catchment Management Investment Standard has been prepared to assist water utilities make the case for catchment management as a water quality treatment asset.

Operating in an economically regulated environment where consumer affordability is paramount and where the regulator puts the burden of proof...


26 May 2016

Let's not beat around the bush on this one. When it comes to water, South Australia is incredibly vulnerable.

I make no apology for holding up the Rudd Government's $42billion stimulus package for 24 hours in order to negotiate a better outcome on water...

Research report

17 May 2016

The term water-energy nexus describes the interdependence, and often competing demands, of two of the world’s most valuable resources: water and energy. Following agriculture, the energy industry is the second-largest user of freshwater. Water is essential to harness, extract and produce energy. In turn, energy...

Journal article

15 Mar 2016

The Visualising Victoria's Groundwater (VVG) web portal federates groundwater data for the State of Victoria, Australia, thus making legacy data, government datasets, research data and community sourced data and observations visible to the public. The portal is innovative because it was developed outside of the...