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Research report

14 Jul 2017

This report highlights the true "health" in the health and safety of the tunnel construction industry.


ATO jobs database analysis (2002-2014)
1 Jan 2017

This data shows count of employees by 100 regions within Australia over 12 years (2002 - 2014).

Research report

19 Sep 2016

Abstract Objectives: To report age-standardised rates and methods of suicide by health professionals, and to compare these with suicide rates for other occupations.

Study design : Retrospective mortality study.

Setting, participants: All intentional self-harm cases recorded by the National Coronial...

Research report

1 Mar 2016

A new report by the Office of the Chief Scientist provides the first detailed analysis of Australia’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) trained workforce.

By investigating the demographics, industries, occupations and salaries of STEM workers, the report is a valuable resource for students,...

Research report

19 Jan 2016

Brings together the views of young people from around the world to the global debate about the importance of skills and education.


The advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is leading us into a period of great transformation.

Infosys believes...


1 Jan 2016

Platform-based talent markets help put the emphasis in human-capital management back where it belongs—on humans.

The best way to organize corporations—it’s a perennial debate. But the discussion is becoming more urgent as digital technology begins to penetrate the labor force. Although consumers have largely...

Research report

28 Jun 2014

Summary: This report focuses on the destinations of young domestic graduates. It complements our recent publication What young graduates earn when they leave study which looks at the earnings of young graduates who remain in New Zealand. In this report, we focus on differences...

Research report

4 Mar 2014

This paper explores the differences between mentoring and sponsorship for women in the workforce and outlines the benefits and the drawbacks for both.


Mentoring has traditionally been understood to be the relationship between a more experienced mentor and a younger, less...

Research report

23 Feb 2012

Smart.Digital.Connected investigates how Australian organisations participate and benefit in the digital economy, and how they are preparing to engage in the future.

This research highlights how businesses are reaping productivity, efficiency, profit and growth rewards from the use of digital tools across their organisations....



4 Oct 2010

To truly understand work, we need to see it as both a social and an individual activity, writes Debra King

in the Australian Review of Public Affairs

WE ARE OFTEN characterised by the work we do. When introduced to someone, we...

Research report

5 Jan 2010

This paper tests for gender discrimination by sending fake CVs to apply for entry-level jobs. Female candidates are more likely to receive a callback, with the difference being largest in occupations that are more female-dominated.

Research report

27 Mar 2009

This paper uses repeated cross-section data ISSP data from 1989, 1997 and 2005 to consider movements in job quality. It is first underlined that not having a job when you want one is a major source of low well-being. Second, job values have remained fairly...

Research report

6 Jun 2008

The Federal Government's Job Network is no longer fit-for-purpose. The program has been successful, but its economic backdrop has changed. Job Network was established to place large numbers of unemployed people into scarce jobs. Its role today is vastly different - preparing a smaller number...

Research report

9 Aug 2007

This paper uses longitudinal data from Australia to examine the extent to which overskilling – the extent to which work-related skills and abilities are utilized in current employment – is a transitory phenomenon. The results suggest that while overskilled workers are much more likely to...

Research report

3 Apr 2007

Australia’s centrally-controlled system of allocating university places has failed to adjust to either student or labour market demand argues Andrew Norton. A market system, in which universities set the number of places and student fees, would do a better job of supplying Australia’s workforce. EXECUTIVE...

Research report

29 Aug 2006

This paper by Prem Jung Thapa and Tue Gørgens extends the traditional static focus of research on the labour market assimilation of migrants in Australia by analyzing the dynamics of job search and actual time taken to find the first job after arrival in Australia....

Research report

15 Aug 2006

The island economies of the Pacific are small nation states located at considerable distance from large economies and each other in the vast Pacific Ocean. With persistently high population growth and the youth population reaching 40 percent in some countries, finding paid employment is a...

Research report

3 Oct 2005

Using a unique Australian data set which contains information on both accepted and rejected job offers, Deborah Cobb-Clark, Paul Frijters and Guyonne Kalb investigate whether job offers arrive more frequently for those in employment than for those in unemployment. Their results reveal that, across the...

Research report

16 Mar 2005

This paper argues that poor quality part-time work may exacerbate problems of work and family imbalance rather than contribute to their solution. Drawing on preliminary results from a research project currently underway at CASR, they introduce several dimensions that are important in any assessment of...

Research report

14 Mar 2005

In 2004, several major Australian companies announced their decision to 'offshore' Australian jobs to India in an effort to cut costs. Telstra, for example, announced plans to move as many as 850 jobs to Indian software providers, and already spends up to $150 million a...