Whistle blowing


16 May 2018

Instances in which whistleblowers have lost employment and careers, suffered harassment and intimidation, and experienced threats or acts of violence continue to occur in Australia. This study sought to understand the nature of victimisation experienced by whistleblowers who had reported or attempted to report wrongdoing...


7 Dec 2017

Proposed criminal offences, with regard to foreign interference in Australian politics and national security, will significantly expand the scope of existing laws against espionage and treason. This will make it easier to prosecute spies and other foreign nationals who seek undue influence over Australian business...


7 Nov 2017

The Panama Papers looked like the culmination of a new era for leakers — and then the Paradise Papers came along. But can we expect action to follow?


13 Sep 2017

One of this report's main recommendations is the establishment of a Whistleblower Protection Authority that can support whistleblowers, assess and prioritise the treatment of whistleblowing allegations, conduct investigations of reprisals, and oversight the implementation of the whistleblower regime for both the public and private sectors....

Policy report

Released by SSC under our commitment to open government
13 Jul 2017

Report of the investigation into the treatment of public servants within the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.


15 Aug 2016

The Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) engaged Promontory Australasia to assist in strengthening the standards of whistleblower protections across the banking industry.

Promontory did not conduct a formal survey of practices in international banks. We also did not assess whistleblower practices in all Australian banks,...

Journal article

11 Aug 2016

Whistleblowing is considered to be an integral component of corporate governance through exposing and remedying corruption, fraud and other types of wrongdoing in both the public and private sector. While whistleblowers face a very real threat of retaliation, the current regime which purports to prohibit...


12 Oct 2011

This guide sets out results from four years of research into how public sector organisations can better fulfil their missions, maintain their integrity and value their employees by adopting a current best-practice approach to the management of whistleblowing.

This guide focuses on: the processes...


25 Feb 2009

This report recommends that the Australian government introduce new dedicated legislation to facilitate the making of public interest disclosures and strengthen legal protection for whistleblowers in the Commonwealth public sector. The Commonwealth is the only Australian jurisdiction that does not have legislation to encourage public...

Discussion paper

15 Sep 2007


A creeping authoritarianism and a pronounced lack of diversity are making their impact felt on Australia’s already fragile media landscape.

Despite Australia’s traditions of freedom and its status as a long-time liberal democracy, its ranking in terms of press...

Journal article

The intelligence leaks from Edward Snowden in 2013 unveiled the sophistication and extent of data collection by the United States’ National Security Agency and major global digital firms prompting domestic and international debates about the balance between security and privacy, openness and enclosure, accountability and...



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