Regional disparities


7 Dec 2017

As Australians are living longer, it is important to understand whether people are spending more years in good health or more years living with illness. The measure of health-adjusted life expectancy (HALE) can be used to understand this.

HALE extends the concept of life...

Research report

7 Dec 2017

This research has several implications for policy makers, specifically:

• Support community led initiatives. Some towns are bypassing state and Commonwealth processes in order to attract service delivery professionals to their communities. Some places have worked around administration-heavy procedures to...


30 Nov 2017

Few issues attract greater local interest or rouse community sentiment more in regional Western Australia than the cost of air travel.

In the regions, air travel is not a luxury – it is an essential service, akin to buses or trains in the metropolitan...


22 Nov 2017

Fast, reliable internet is an important factor in future regional development for Australia, with critical uses in business, education, and health services. The launch of the Sky Muster satellite and the increased max data allowance of 300GB per month is a good start...

Blog post

8 Nov 2017

If rural and regional areas are to counteract the historical ‘pull to cities’ and compete with the dynamics of agglomeration, higher wages, greater employment opportunities and levels of services, then having a reliable supply of affordable, quality ‘to-buy’ and rental housing will play a key...

Discussion paper

8 Nov 2017

The cost of electricity has become a major concern for regional and rural users in NSW. The agricultural sector in particular is heavily exposed to rising energy prices. The doubling of electricity prices over the past decade has compromised the viability and international competitiveness of...


30 Oct 2017

This report provides an overview of the key issues, identifies the principal challenges and highlights the major policy responses in view of the findings and recommendations from recent research reports funded by the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE). It also...

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26 Oct 2017

For 94 years, Royal Far West has been serving country children and communities. Whilst our approach has changed and evolved over this time to respond to the most pressing needs of country communities, we have remained relentlessly focused on the health and wellbeing of country...

Research report

18 Oct 2017

At the whole population level, cardio vascular disease, including its most common form heart disease, generates the largest disease burden in Australia and is responsible for over one fifth of all deaths. However, this substantial and growing burden is not shared equally among Australian men...


18 Oct 2017

How will future retirees fare? The OECD report Preventing Ageing Unequally examines how the two global megatrends of population ageing and rising inequalities have been developing and interacting, both within and across generations. Taking a life-course perspective the report shows how inequalities in education, health,...


25 Sep 2017

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has detailed the risks of the Turnbull Government’s school funding plan, in this submission to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education , which will report to the federal government by the end of the year.


Fact sheet

14 Aug 2017

This information sheet presents Australian data on how realised rates of fuel consumption vary over time, and how the rates depend on key vehicle characteristics such as number of cylinders, fuel type and vehicle age. It also investigates state/territory differences in fuel economy and presents...


12 Aug 2017

It is clearly the case that ordinary Australians are struggling as income growth has slumped and household debt has soared to record levels. It is clearly the case that inequality in Australia has risen sharply over the past twenty years. And it is clearly the...


11 Aug 2017

Australians living in big cities are used to seeing great value offers for travel to exotic locations. But regional Australia seems to miss out.

In an episode of Q&A broadcast from Alice Springs on July 3, guest Dale McIver of Tourism Central Australia suggested...

Working paper

2 Aug 2017

The popular idea that the economic divide between Australia’s cities and regions is getting bigger is a misconception. Beneath the oft-told ‘tale of two Australias’ is a more nuanced story.

Income growth and employment rates are not obviously worse in regional areas. Cities and...


5 Jul 2017

In the broad picture, the 2016 census has confirmed things we already knew about ourselves. But burrow down into the detail, and you’ll find much that will surprise you.

The key themes are well-known. Australians are getting older: almost five million of us are...

Research report

4 Jul 2017

The stabilisation of the climate system in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change is impossible without the timely phase out of unabated coal from the global energy system. Coal currently accounts for 29 percent of global primary energy supply and generates 44 percent...

Journal article

7 Jun 2017

Regional scientists have long faced challenges in developing the interdisciplinary field where their focus is on the spatial context of social, economic and environmental phenomena, and dealing with spatial data presents considerable methodological challenges. This article discusses the evolution of Regional Science, the critiques it...

Fact sheet

24 May 2017

This information sheet provides a snapshot of Australian households’ spending on owning and operating vehicles, based on the latest (2009‒10) data from the ABS Household Expenditure Survey (HES).It details the composition of that expenditure, including the split between fixed and variable costs, and the contribution...

Research report

21 Apr 2017

The purpose of this study is to examine the regional geography of Australia's economic transition, since the mining investment boom, to identify those regions and localities that face significant challenges in successfully transitioning to a more sustainable economic base and the factors which will influence...