Regional disparities

Research report
21 April 2017

This initial report considers the geographic impacts of the transition of the Australian economy following the resources investment boom.

10 March 2017

This article comments on the proposed ABC restructure, which plans to deploy more resources to rural and regional areas.

Blog post
8 March 2017

This preliminary research found significant spatial variations across Melbourne in the match between people's jobs and skill levels.

28 February 2017

This research study examines regional student participation and migration by use of novel data sources and analytic techniques. The data and techniques utilised within the study provide insights...

14 February 2017

This report applies statistical modelling and geo-mapping to existing data, contributing to current literature as well as indicating an ongoing advancement from discrete categorisation to...

Audio interview
13 February 2017

Some towns and areas in regional Australia are facing price rises and property shortages that are making them unaffordable for the people what want to live there.

Conference paper
13 February 2017

Using a data mining clustering method, this paper identifies patterns of economic resilience in regions by industry categories. Preliminary results show different resilience patterns and varied...

6 February 2017

This article outlines research which shows that ensuring adequate amenities in regions is a key factor in converting long-distance commuters into migrants to that region.

27 January 2017

The newly released annual Demographia report on housing affordability has found – once again – that Australia has some of the least affordable housing markets in the world.

Discussion paper
22 January 2017

Sydney’s economic dividend continues, but so do its divides. This report reviews the evidence, analyses some key trends shaping Sydney and then recommends some interventions of strategic...