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21 Nov 2017

No one saw this coming. Last Thursday, an opinion poll told us that Victoria’s Labor government would win the Northcote by-election with room to spare, by 54 per cent to 46 for the Greens. But two days later, the voters did the reverse, and gave...


14 Nov 2017

The process of drawing and adjusting electoral boundaries in Australia is called a ‘redistribution’, and at the federal level is governed by Part IV of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA). Currently, five redistributions—for Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia (SA), Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory...

Research report

31 Oct 2017

This Research Note provides some background data on the inner Melbourne seat of Northcote, which will have a by-election on 18 November 2017. This by-election is being held as a result of the untimely death of Fiona Richardson, who served as Victorian Minister for Women...

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31 Aug 2017

One year and one day after a new parliament sits, the AEC calculates the number of seats each state is entitled to. It does this by summing state populations, dividing that number by the number of members for the states (as stated in s24 of...


16 May 2017

The capital gains tax (CGT) discount is a tax concession. While personal income earned in other ways is taxed at the full marginal rate, only half the income earned from a capital gain is taxed. So if someone were to earn an additional $1,000 from...

Research report

19 Dec 2016

This report presents findings from Report 33.0 of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index (AUWI), an annual measure of Australians’ perception and satisfaction with their life in Australia. The Index was developed in 2001 through partnership between Australian Centre on Quality of Life (Deakin University) and...

Research report

25 Aug 2016

Executive summary

• The periodic redrawing of electoral boundaries is required by law to maintain electoral divisions of roughly equal enrolment size within a state or territory. Redrawing of boundaries is known as a redistribution.

• There are three provisions which may trigger...


31 Mar 2016

This resource shows the statistics of a poll completed in the South Australian, Indi and New England seats on the current Australian asylum seeker policy.

New state-wide ReachTEL polling in South Australia and in the seats of New England and Indi on refugee policy...

Research report

3 Apr 2009

This paper provides 2006 estimates, for each Commonwealth Electoral Division, of the number of persons living in poverty and the proportion which this represents of the total population. The estimates were derived from synthetic small area data produced by the National Centre for Social and...

Research report

17 Mar 2008

This research paper provides an analysis by Commonwealth electoral division of socio-demographic data from the second release of the 2006 Census of Population and Housing. The electoral boundaries used in this paper are the current boundaries used at the 2007 federal election.

This paper...

Research report

19 Feb 2008

The election of a new government means an opportunity to fix some of the things that have been going wrong with Australia’s electoral system. Australia has been making it harder to enrol and vote, and easier for private money to influence electoral outcomes. Read the...

Research report

1 Feb 2007

The recently-completed redistribution for the NSW House of Representatives seats was unusually controversial. There was concern in rural areas over the loss of a country seat— which was also a ‘Federation’ seat—and dismay over the apparent pushing–aside of the ‘community of interest’ principle by the...

Research report

3 Oct 2003

The average wage and salary income of electorates ranges from a low of $26,000 in Mallee to a high of $54,000 in Bradfield. In addition to analysing the distribution of earnings income by electorate, this Research Note also looks at the relationship between income and...