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15 February 2017

This report makes the case that rental rights in Australia lag far behind those in many other developed countries, where renters often enjoy secure long-term arrangements with strict limits on...

15 February 2017

According to a new national study, co-authored by CHOICE, thousands of tenants are being discriminated against and live in a climate of fear, writes Andy Kollmorgen.

1 September 2015

This updated survey examines whether the introduction of new legal services like Netflix and Presto TV have had an impact on the rates of piracy.

5 June 2014

As climate change is mixing with natural variability to increase the risk of damage to Australian homes, this paper provides a snapshot of how the home insurance industry is responding to climate...

6 November 2006

Available, affordable, high-quality childcare is still out of reach for many families. Long waiting lists and lack of choice over which days, the number of days and the type of childcare available...