21 March 2017

We Feel is a project that explores whether social media - specifically Twitter - can provide an accurate, real-time signal of the world's emotional state.

20 March 2017

Delivering better public services within tight financial constraints is one of the NZ Government's four priorities for this term. And achieving results that make a difference to New Zealanders is...

16 March 2017

Provides information about: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations; the context of Indigenous health; various measures of population health status; selected health conditions; and...

Data portal
21 February 2017

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) portal provides access to all available Australian marine and climate science data

16 February 2017

This impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) online curriculum resource is working; and to identify how it might be...

Blog post
10 February 2017

The Web Foundation has chosen to focus its 2017 - 2022 strategy on delivering ‘digital equality’ — using the open web to build a more equal world.

10 February 2017

These maps draw on data from the Riderlog application. They are organised to show cycling activity in Melbourne organised by time, gender, age, duration, purpose and origin.

8 February 2017

The purpose of this website is to consolidate information about national security law and policy in Australia in a clear and accessible form so as to improve public knowledge of this field.

3 February 2017

This guide has been developed to assist with navigating the Report on Government Services web pages published by the Productivity Commission.

1 February 2017

This guide was designed to inform a greater understanding of wellbeing and its place as both a prerequisite for, and an outcome of learning.